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How to Eliminate Processed Food from your Diet

You are what you eat! Making nutritious food choices on a daily basis is elementary to health and wellness. Here are some easy ways for you to get rid of processed foods from your diet for good.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Mar 03, 2015

Processed Foods and Health

You are what you eat! Making nutritious food choices on a daily basis is elementary to health and wellness. Here is what you can start doing – choose a fruit over chips, pick side salad instead of fries and drink water with lemon instead of diet soda. Here are some more ways of getting rid of processed foods.


Weighing your Options

You don’t do diet overhauling right away. Look at what all the food options are that you have at home. Dump all those processed foods and those that are full of preservatives and loaded with sodium.


Go Fresh

‘Go Fresh’ should be your new mantra. Pick as many fresh foods as possible and dump the packaged ones. Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, meats, fish and nuts have to be some of the foods. Stay away from the section of sauces, jellies, jams and dressings; you don’t need them.


Go Through Labels

Go to your kitchen and start reading food labels, and get to know what each packaged food contains. Put away those with ingredients like refined sugar or sweetener.


Try New Healthy Recipes

Look up the internet for recipes that use only whole foods. It is an easy way to get rid of processed food from your diet. Rather than trying each one, stick to simpler ones that do not require many ingredients and the process is manageable.


Plan in Advance

It is better to have a meal plan when you are trying to eliminate processed food from your diet. Make a food chart for meals and snacks. Otherwise, you may fall off the wagon within the first few weeks.


When Eating Outside

When you are out, make wise choices. It is better to snack wisely; ingredients like nuts, fruits, and vegetables are some nutritious options. You may get tempted with many options to eat, so just try to curb the temptation. It will be better to stay away from fast food restaurants.


Ditch Sauces, Ketchup and Mayonnaise

You may think that our foods are only complete with sauce, ketchups and mayonnaise, but you must realise that these are jarred with sugar, sodium and other unhealthy ingredients. When you see these containers, remember what they are made up of and offer very little nutrition.



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