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How to Check Your Health by Poop or Stool Colour

Talking about your bowel movements can be embarrassing. What's present in the commode after you take a good dump can provide helpful clues about your health. Get familiar with what’s normal and what is not.

Mind Body By Himanshu Sharma / Mar 11, 2015

What Poop Can Tell about Your Health

Talking about your bowel movements can be embarrassing. What's in the commode can provide helpful clues about health. Make sure you take a glance before you flush to know what is normal and what is not.



Loose, but not Diarrhoea

According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, persistent loose stool accompanied by foul smell is a sign of celiac disease. In celiac disease, the body is unable to tolerate gluten, a protein in wheat and other foods.


Consistently Hard

Most times, you know you’re constipated. However, some people assume that if they go to the bathroom every day then they’re not constipated but they may be. If your stool is consistently hard rather than soft, it is constipation.



Floating stool may mean you have excess gas in your digestive tract. It usually happens when you’ve been eating lots of beans, sprouts, cabbage or very large meals. It’s not a cause for concern and usually resolves with healthy eating habits.



Pencil-thin poop could mean that you're constipated. Add more fibre to your diet to see if it resolves. If it is an ongoing issue, it could be rectal cancer.



When you see blood in your stool, something is wrong in your G.I. tract. In most cases, it’s due to something as benign as haemorrhoids. Among other reasons that may be causing it are ulcer in the stomach or colon cancer.



Your poop can turn green after a course of antibiotics. If you are not on medications, it could be an infection known as Clostridium difficile (C. diff) for which you should call your doctor immediately.



If your poop is light, white or clay-coloured, it could be because of medication. Another reason for it to be so is bile duct obstruction for which you should see a doctor immediately.



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