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How to check fever when you don’t have a thermometer

There are different causes of fever and many illnesses can also cause fever. If there is no thermometer available, here’s how to check for fever.

Other Diseases By Himanshu Sharma / Oct 27, 2015

Forehead feels hot

In fever, there is a temporary increase in your body temperature. Put your hand on your forehead and if it feels hot to touch, you may have a fever. If there is a fever, skin on your entire body may feel hot.

Infection may be present

If there are signs of an infection such as body aches, flushed complexion, fatigue and chills, you might have fever. These signs often accompany a fever.

You feel dehydrated

One of the telltale sign of a fever is dehydration. When dehydrated, you will feel extreme thirst and mouth will become dry. Also, you will experience problems to urinate.

High heart rate

If you have fever, you will a faster heart rate. In fever, faintness and dizziness accompanies it. If heart rate continues to accelerate without other signs of fever, get in touch with the appropriate help.

Episodes of unconsciousness

If you have an extremely high fever, you may experience hallucinations or lapses into periods of unconsciousness. For high fever, seek medical assistance right away.



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