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How to Make a Girl Change her Opinion about You

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Dec 21, 2013

Prick the Change

Girls may not be easy to understand but they can be very understanding. It’s not easy to find the right girl for you and even less easier to get her to like you.  Despite the rejection you shouldn’t lose hope and keep trying to get her to change her mind.

Don’t Quit

Rejection may be very disheartening but the last you should do after a rejection is to quit. If you stop trying then you ensure that you will never get her to like you the way you have wanted to.

Befriend her

Become friends with her. Treat her like a good friend without ever making her feel uncomfortable around you. With time, she may share her number with you. Text her and call her as much as she calls you. Spend more time with her.


Girls like being loved and cared. Care for her all the time. Know her likes and dislikes and be around her whenever she may need you. She will start to feel safe when you are around and this may even make her to like you.


Respect her and the people that are close to her. A girl may find it very hard to like someone who doesn’t respect people around her, especially her. Treat her nicely all the time and then you can expect her to like you.

Be Funny

Girls often like people who have good sense of humour. If you can make her laugh and have some good time, she will definitely like it. However, you must understand your limits and never indulge in any sort of fun that may sound offensive.

Be Protective

As you already are friends with her you will get many chances to make her feel safe with your presence. Treat her like everything. Be protective and don’t let anyone be horrible to her.  She will eventually notice your care. However, always have minimum expectations and be patient.


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