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Valentine’s Day Celebration for the Friend Zoned and the Broken Hearted

Here is a guide for all those who are preparing to beat their heads and cry this Valentine's Day. Forever alone? Nope, its just bad timing!

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 13, 2014

Curse of St. Valentine!

Here is a thought for the impoverished lot, and that is because we care. Those who tried their best to woo the girl they always loved but finally ended up being her ‘bff’ (best friend forever) and those who had a break up and couldn’t really get over it should go through this. This is a guide for all the sad boys out there on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day, we are the best friends you got. A word of caution, do not call your love interest and beg for mercy, as that is just plain wrong and downright pathetic.

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Assemble your Single Men’s Army

This is one of the best things to do. Assemble your army of single men and go out, drink, party, hit on single women. If you are really sad then this could be your best bet. What better day to have fun with your boys other than Valentine’s Day! To think of it, this would be a rebellious act, and it would be really cool. You could invite us too!

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Have fun with yourself

Now Valentine’s Day is not exactly a national holiday so you should not sit at home and act like you have someone in your life. Seriously, don’t ever do that, you are just wasting one precious day of your life. Go out for a movie in the evening by yourself, do not pay heed to onlookers, and secretly laugh at all the mushy men. To think of it, it is kind of funny to see how sentimental all the boys get.

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Love thy Neighbour

Now the truth is that Valentine’s Day has become a fad, as if love is nothing more than silly proposals and roses. So, you could start your day by visiting an orphanage and gifting them with chocolates and sweets. Then later in the evening you can visit your parents or your sibling or a nephew and niece who adore you! What a great day!

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Write your Story

The internet is a great place for people to post their thoughts. On this god forsaken day you could simply note down your story of how you loved and failed miserably. Once you have written this you could post it for all to read and you will feel much better. There is no other way to let go of the load that is within you.

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Score a Chick

If you are really feeling terrible then just go out to hunt for a single lady. You could flirt, talk, and have all the fun without ever thinking about your future. There you have a girl for your Valentine’s Day and the best part is that you do not have to be with her ever again. Or if you like her terribly then it’s a different case. But be careful, do not brood about your broken heart or she will run away in the speed of light.

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Gift Yourself

Just because you do not have a Valentine does not mean you cannot lay your hands on something that you had always wanted. All that money that is not going in wooing some girl who does not appreciate you can be used for your benefit. Buy that suit which you always wanted and be awesome, or buy a play station and kill some animated villains! Possibilities are immense my friend.

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Do a Nice Deed

All animosities aside, there are people who could do with your love and you could be of much help here. Help someone who is in need and show you care. We are not saying that this is selfless because this act will make you feel good, in fact it will make you feel very good. So, what is the harm is feeling good by doing something nice for someone who needs some caring?

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You could just Chill

All this shenanigans associated with love is can burn in hell, while you can sit back at home and continue with your life. You need to understand that all this farce will only last for a day and the candle lights, surprise gifts will not go on forever. Good news for you is that you are not a part of this pseudo love carnival.

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Sleep the Day

For all we know, we must be really tired both mentally and physically, so just hit the sack and sleep like a baby. You can read a book when you wake up, or you could watch a movie on your computer! Watch a horror movie or a complete action flick; get inspired to become the lone ranger!

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Play an Outdoor Game

One really good way to get over it all could be to play a game of football or any sport that you like. Call on your buddies who are not occupied and you could go out to play a match or two. All the running and sweating will certainly make you feel better, and will in fact make you realise that you do not need someone’s approval to love this awesome life that you got.

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