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How to Bust the Top 10 Excuses for Turning Down Sex

If you find yourself giving excuses to have sex. Here are ten of your common excuses that you can easily bust and call upon a healthy sex life.

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Feb 11, 2014

Bust those Excuses

There are days when you come home parched after a day’s exhaustive work and want to just hit the sack and there are other days when you are as active as a raging bull but your libido isn’t up for a steamy night. What do you in such an instance? Put up your best excuse forward and go on auto-pilot. The truth is if you do this often, you will blow your relationship that you are emotionally tied to. Here are the ten no-sex excuses that you fashionably use and how you can bust them.

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I have Pending Work to Complete

If you find yourself reaching out to the laundry basket or computer just when your partner is trying his best to reach out to you, it’s time to stop this from becoming a pattern. Clearly, you are trying to avoid your partner and if he fails to realise that today, he will definitely do so tomorrow. Bust this excuse out by doing a reality check: do you really need to complete this task now? Can it not be done at a later time? If your Smartphone grabs your attention more than your partner does, put it out of the room entirely.

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The Kids might Walk in or Call for Attention

Most parents do not engage in sex because of a fear of their kids walking in while they are at it. Even though, this excuse may be true initially, it eventually becomes a holdover habit. You could have your friends or relatives to let your kids over for a day or two. You could return the favour when they need it. Remember that your relationship is as important as your kids and teaching them that you and your partner need some private time now and then will teach them about boundaries and their importance early in life.

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I am Mad at you and I can’t Think of Sex Right Now

You will always find something or the other to be troubling your mind as far as your relationship is concerned. Using anger as your stalling tactic can bring a lot of unwanted damage to your relationship. If you are resentful of even slightly pissed off, just tell your partner what is causing your trouble and set on a resolving mission. Sex can in fact, better things up between you two.

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I am Menstruating

He wants to have sex but you cannot because all you are thinking about is curling with a hot water balloon. You may really be having your periods, but if you use it a lot of times as a blanket excuse, you could be building relationship problems with time. If you just cannot think about having sex when you are having periods, let your partner know and he will respect that. But, remember that you do not always have to have sexual intercourse to pat your intimacy levels.

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There is No Point of Sex, I Never get an Orgasm Anyway

Your partner may not have experimented with all the moves to help you reach an orgasm, but putting it out openly to him that there is no point to sex for you, is like truncating all the possibilities of enjoying sex. Imagine how you’d feel if he told you that you never did anything to please him. You’d want to know what it is that you can do to make him feel nice. So, do not go silent on him, but tell him.

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We have a Haphazard Schedule

It is common in relationships for a woman to wake up to her husband walking in from work in the morning. Mismatched biorhythms are pretty common to happen among couples. But, then who said that sex has to happen at a certain time? You could either meet up for lunch or hit the sack when your partner does and stay up late. Although, this may not seem like much of a long-term solution, it is the best way in which you can preserve intimacy between both of you.

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I’m Too Tired for Sex Tonight

If you have a job you have the luxury to present this excuse to snub almost everything that you do not want to do and that includes sex. You sure know that sex will not take a whole night to end and spoil your sleep. In fact, it will help you sleep better. Moreover, if you really can’t think about sex, you can just put it across straight without being subject to relationship turbulence.

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There is Too Much to See on the Telly

No matter how lame this may seem, entertainment does have more significance than real life, sometimes. Even though staying up a night to watch your favourite reality show when your partner goes to bed is all right, picking fictional characters over your partner can hurt the relationship. Experts suggest that powering down all the electronic equipments at least an hour before getting to bed can make things more favourable for a couple.

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We Already have Enough Sex

We often tend to compare our sex lives with that of somebody else’s that we come to know of either in the magazines or on a casual luncheon. What matters is not the number of times that your best friend has sex with her husband but the number of times that you want. An average number could be 12 times a week to even once a year.

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I Don’t Feel very Nice about Body Right Now

While on one hand, women put their vanity over intimacy, on the other hand, all men think about is that they want you and not whether they have a muffin top on your face or a heavy thigh. If you think that you are fat and losing some pounds would make you feel better about yourself, then go ahead with it. The very thought that you would set forth on your route to a better frame will make you feel better about yourself. You could also get yourself a new lingerie or haircut to feel better.

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