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How to Break the No Sex Rut?

If you are not having enough sex as yet, then here are some ways to reverse that.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 14, 2014

Getting the Sex Game on

The curse of no sex is a cruel curse upon mankind. If you are not in the mood to have sex then you are probably not interested because of lack of good sexual partners, or you are just plain weird. If you are weird then we cannot do much about it, you probably just enjoy lying back and spitting on the idea of sex, so all the best with that. But if you are not having sex because of some other problem that that can reversible, then here we are to help you with that. It is important to break this no sex rut because more sex means more fun, and more fun means a healthier relationship.

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Change the Spot

The same old places for sex can be really boring, just think of it. The same bed with the same pillows and the colours of your bed sheet, they are screaming out for mercy. They want to be left alone; they cannot handle the weight of your body any longer. So, please go somewhere else, go to some place where you two least expect to do it. Take your entire experience of sex to some place new, some other place so that the two of you can take sex to a whole new level.

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Take a Break

One reason could be that the two of you are tired of your daily life and hence you at in this no sex rut. Now after all the truth is that most people find it difficult to come have and jump into bed for sex, it is tiring! So, you and your partner should go for a vacation and be away from everything, and this way it will be just you and your loved one. Sex is guaranteed.

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Touch more Often

Don’t just sit and stare at each other, be close and be intimate without having sex. This will give you the desire to be more physical with your partner and so you have more chances of having sex. To be intimate is a great thing and unless you are not emotionally connecting, you will never be able to connect on the physical level.

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Develop the Tension

It is very important to build the tension, just be naughty! Send a hot sms to your partner one fine day out of the blue, or simply dress well, ladies can put on something sexy and tease their partner. If you want to be with someone there are many ways of doing so, and you will definitely run at a loss for excuses, so forget the excuses!

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Be More in Touch

The more you are in touch the better it will be for you; therefore you should stay in touch! When you keep in constant touch you will automatically come close to each other, the more you look at each other the more you would want to touch each other. You will be wondering how his or her lips taste and then you will go for it passionately.

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Love is the Answer

The fact is that if you love your partner then there is nothing that can stop the two of you. So, identify whether you still love your partner or not, if the answer is yes then do everything you can to get to him or her. If the answer is no, then there is no solution for it.

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Hold it for some time

Now if you are trying to have sex everyday and not getting to it then it will automatically turn boring. Learn to wait; anticipation is a great weapon when you want to have good sex. When you anticipate you will want to make it happen and this means that on the day when it finally does, it would be great!

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The Likes and Dislikes

Sometimes all it takes is for you to know your partner’s likes and dislikes and that can give you a great start. People may be wanting to refrain from sex because they do not like that which is happening to them, and hence when you have a clear idea about your likes and dislikes you will have a great time, and moreover you would want it to happen again and again!

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Have a Talk

There is nothing better than having a talk, and you must have a talk by all means. Call you partner and point it out to him or her that you are not having enough sex. This will then lead the two of you to discuss all about it and we are hoping that you will come to a good solution for it too. So, do not be so stiff, learn to express your feelings and your thoughts.

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The Cause

You should try and figure the reason for your inability to perform, and this is very important. Try to understand whether it is depression, anxiety, your lack of erection (for men), drug abuse, hormonal imbalance, etc. Find out the right cause and work on it, try to fix this reason, and then you will be back in the game. There can be many causes for your bad sex life, and you can do a lot by changing it.

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