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Tips to Approach the One you have been Eyeing for

When there is a stranger you are eyeing across the hallway, getting rejected is not even the last thing you hope for. And, to not be let down, here are some useful tips.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Jul 25, 2014

Be Confident

There may be several instances in your life when you spotted a hot stranger sitting right across the pub and all you wanted to do was to approach them. But, by the time you could gather enough courage and confidence, another person took your chance and left you wondering. But. that was the last time, we promise. Follow our tips to have the right approach towards that hot stranger you have been oggling at.

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Do a Little Research

You surely do not want to mistakenly fall for the wrong person. So, ask people around if they know about the person. Look for information about their reputation, personality, etc., so that you don’t have to leave anything to chance.

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Ignore Everything Else

Don’t let your inner voice that stops you from approaching them overpower you. Once you have found out that their looks are just a small part of their remarkable personality and there is much more to explore, you must approach them.

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Use Social Networking as a Tool

Social networking could prove to be a blessing for you. Find your desired person on Facebook and send them a request. Once they have accepted it, the ball will then be in your court.

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Send Signals

Social networking could be a long process and if you just cannot wait for having them in your life, sending signals across the hallway is the right thing to do.

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Talk to Them

This could be the toughest part if you do not know what to talk about. Start with an introduction and go on to talk about their interests and if there are any mutual friends that you come to know of, you have hit the jackpot.

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Avoid being Rude

Follow some etiquettes and avoid being rude during the conversation. Remember that getting too personal can also be considered rude at times.

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Be Prepared to get Rejected

When you are prepared in your mind about rejection, you tend to become more confident than ever. You have nothing to lose so, give it your best try. If you are disheartened by a rejection, it can cause troubles for you when you make a second attempt.

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