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How Technology Dependence is Harming You

Technological advances have simplified our lives but we are becoming too dependent on it. The new-age developments one reason for increased health concerns.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / May 14, 2014

Dangers of Technology Dependence

Technological advances have improved our lives but we are becoming too dependent on it with each passing day. Our love affair with new-age developments is leading to health concerns. The impact of technology on our social, mental, physical and environmental health can be devastating. (Image source:Getty)

Cellphone Use

According to the National Cancer Institute, the use of mobile phones could potentially pose a risk of brain cancer. Moreover, mobile phone users are more likely to be involved in accidents both in automobiles and on foot. (Image source:Getty)


You spend most of your time glaring at laptops and cell phone screens. Screen-gazing can make you to experience a long list of eye problems including burning sensations, changes in colour perception or blurred vision. (Image source:Getty)

Development Issues

Today’s children are using more technology than ever before. When it comes to the developing minds of children, the negative effects that technological aides are far greater. (Image source:Getty)

Relationship Problems

The social networking websites such as Facebook and twitter can be blamed for lots of things, including breakups and divorce. These platforms also create negatives feelings and self-doubt. (Image source:Getty)

Poor Sleeping Habits

Cuddling up with that laptop in bed or phone conversations keep us up till too late. These constant interruptions take a toll our mental states, making it difficult to turn off our brains. Keeping technology shut at night is a healthy habit to acquire. (Image source:Getty)

Back and Neck Pain

The overuse of the mobile phones and computers can strain the neck or back. Using them in a right manner can keep you from such discomforts but excess of anything is bad for health. (Image source:Getty)

Lack of Privacy

Social media and the internet strip one’s privacy. You can try your best but can’t keep your information safe from prying eyes. The use of phishing and hacking gives those with sinister intentions the info they want. (Image source:Getty)


Switching from platform to platform and doing several things simultaneously can cause serious problems. Our brain is not capable of multi-tasking and when it happens, there can be severe stress and rage. (Image source:Getty)

Inappropriate Content

When using the internet, you may accidentally see something inappropriate, usually as pop ups. Not just this, there are spams. Accidentally, you click something and explicit content is sent to your friends. (Image source:Getty)

The Risk of Obesity

Technology is a crutch. You sit all-day on the phones, laptops or other gizmos. Fascinated by the gizmos, you don’t move much and gradually get fat. If you don’t want to get unhealthy or overweight, limit the use of technology. (Image source:Getty)


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