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How Much Exercise would You Need to Burn off Your Favourite Fast Food Meal

Let us reveal the amount of exercise you will need to fry off the calories gained through your favourite fast food.

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Apr 19, 2014

How Much are You Putting into Your Body?

What junk did you eat recently? Do you know how many calories it had? And do you know how much exercise will you need to burn those calories? A Harvard research shows that 25 percent of people surveyed underestimated their fast-food intake by at least 500 calories. In another study from Texas Christian University, researchers assessed food menus, listing the number of minutes it would take to walk off the items to help people make healthier choices. Let us reveal the amount of exercise you will need to fry off the calories gained through your favourite fast food. Image Source: Getty Images

A 6-inch Roast Beef Submarine Sandwich

And along with it, you ordered a veggie salad with fat-free Italian dressing and a medium iced tea, thinking it is a very healthy option. What you don’t know is that this palatable meal gave you 455 calories. Image Source: Getty Images

Jogging to Burn a Beef Sandwich

Do you have an idea how long would you have to jog to work off these fast-food calories? Well, allow us to do the honours. 57 minutes it is! Next time you crave for this smashingly tasty food, just remind yourself about this almost-an-hour of physical exertion you will need to go through. Image Source: Getty Images

Baked Potato

And small chilly- of course you thought that baking was a healthier option than having it fried. Sure it is. But you can’t escape the need of burn this 460-calories fast-food meal. Image Source: Getty Images

Weight Lifting to Burn a Baked Potato

If you thought jogging for an hour was very cumbersome, imagine lifting weights for two hours! Yes, that’s how long you need to lift weights to fry off that potato and chilly. We can see you gasping! Image Source: Getty Images

Cheeseburger and French Fries

That’s like the kids’ favourite meal. Add chocolate milk to that and they wouldn’t even remember you are with them. Parents usually treat their children to such meals for behaving well. What they don’t realise is that they are giving the children 840 calories with each of this luscious meal. Image Source: Getty Images

Frisbee to Burn a Cheeseburger and French Fries

You let your child eat that meal in lieu of him finishing his homework; but burning off the negative of this meal would actually leave them no time to do their homework. Your kid will have to play Frisbee for a solid 4 hours and 3 minutes to fry the calories. Image Source: Getty Images

Medium Cheese Pizza

This delicious, sumptuous, available-at-doorstep, comfort food gives you 210 calories per slice. Note that, per slice! Image Source: Getty Images

Cycling to Burn a Medium Pizza

You will have to bike for 22 minutes at the speed of 12 to 14 miles per hour to burn each slice of pizza that you had. God save you if you ate the whole medium pizza. Image Source: Getty Images

Chicken Salad with a Tall Coffee

Yes, salads resonate fitness. But what about the lavish dressings that you top them up with? And who will count the calories from the sugary beverages that you had with it? A 481-calorie meal that was. Image Source: Getty Images

Sit-ups to Burn Salad and Coffee

To work-off this disguised meal, you must do moderate intensity sit-ups for 93 minutes. NON-STOP! This shall teach you to have your salads without fancy dressings and to choose your drink wisely the next time. Image Source: Getty Images

Crispy Fried Chicken Strips with Diet Soda

Do you really want to know? Don’t you already know how much harm that will do to you? This meal gives you full 475 calories. Image Source: Getty Images

Dish Washing to Burn Fried Chicken and Soda

You will have to wash dishes for 3 hours and 5 minutes to work-off the succulent, juicy fried chicken strips you enjoyed. You will have to collect the dishes from the whole neighbourhood to wash for that long. Image Source: Getty Images


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