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How Much Can You Trust the People You Meet Online

Here is a very important thing for you to spend your brain cells. How much can your trust those beautiful people whom you meet online? Can they harm you?

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryAug 27, 2014

Let's Meet Online?

Meeting new people is an online fad that teenagers and adults are diving into head first. It is something about the modern times which is achingly repetitive, and the “let’s meet new people” seem to be some sort of modern day chant. So much so that we do not mind getting in touch with a random person and meeting him or her without thinking it through, without keeping in mind that human mortals are most often capable of ghastly wrongdoings. If you have to ask about trusting people online, we would say that it is 50-50 thing. You may land up with a gem of a person, or you can hit it up with a psycho. There are equal chances for both.
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Online Personalities are Carefully Weaved

An online personality is a carefully woven character. You and I are always carefully selecting the content that we would like to post online, the content which we would like the world to see. The online world is most often constructed in a careful manner, and it is not a reliable alibi for anyone. So, you must never judge a person based on his or her online personality.
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The Fear of Unknown

Meeting people online can be a real scare because you do not know them well. The talks, the introductions, the background to their story, everything may seem like true, but they may not be so. You will never know what this person is up to, what are his real likes and dislikes, the business he or she is into, nothing at all!
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The Online Dating Trap

While it is absolutely true that most people are out to look for their soul mates on the internet, there are a few sex predators on the prowl. These are the people that you should be staying away from, and these people are the ones who would cause trouble in your life. These are basically the rotten apple who make things worse for you, the people due to whom we are having this discussion.
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It is Important to Do a Check

When you have met someone you will get to know and understand what he or she tells you. Then just to be safe you need to do a background check on that person, so that you can match what he or she had to say and it is in reality. Trusting is not an option unless you are completely sure of someone, and it is not just about sex, you could get duped in more ways than you can imagine.
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No Personal Details

You cannot possibly give out your personal details to people on the internet. Even if you trust that person a little bit, it should not mean that giving out personal details is fine. By this we mean, never give your home address, your office or school or college address and name. Never share your parents name and occupation and so on. There could be a host of things you can fall trap to.
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Do not Meet too Soon

It is very important not to meet an online person soon; it can only be a risky thing to do. Meeting someone too soon can cause push to a vulnerable and dangerous zone. There is no guarantee that this person you are going to meet is genuine and that he or she is not going to harm you. Therefore, only after you have known someone for long should you meet. By long we mean, at least 2 years.
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Do not Fall in Love

Just because someone likes the Rolling Stones as much as you do, you should be head over heels out of the blue for that person. Dating online is fine, but you should jump to conclusions and make imaginary children already. Remember, here is this person you haven’t even met yet, so you do not really know. Moreover, you will see soon that there are lot of intricate details that you can know about someone on meeting him or her.
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