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How can you Help a Friend with HIV

If your friend is diagnosed with HIV, there are many things that you can do as a supportive friend. Offer help to encourage them to adopt optimistic approach to deal with the disease.

Snr By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 12, 2014

Helping a Friend with HIV

HIV diagnosis is traumatic and can be a life-changing event. If your friend is diagnosed with HIV, there are many things that you can do as a supportive friend. You can encourage them to adopt optimistic approach to deal with the disease. If you're here, you have begun to help and support your friend already!  (Image source:Getty)

Understand What they must be Going through

Sometimes, they will grieve the loss of normalcy while they may be angry or afraid. A good friend is one who offers his hand in different ways, depending on the needs. (Image source:Getty)

Learn about HIV

To get involved, you need to know about HIV. When you’ve learnt about it, only then can you provide more assistance in terms of opinions, acceptance and stigma-fighting. You need overcome the initial stigma and become more supportive. (Image source:Getty)

Be There

As a good friend, you must understand that your friend is experiencing a complex set of emotions and that it is imperative for you to bring their focus to the brighter side. Assure them that you are there for him/her and always will be. Sometimes, telling them this is all the support they need. (Image source:Getty)

Offer help for Household Chores

Everyone wants to feel useful and as if part of a certain group. Most people with HIV remain well enough to perform their everyday chores. But, you should ask them if they need any help so you can provide them with a helping hand. (Image source:Getty)

Touch can help

Casual contact cannot spread HIV from one person to another. Don’t be afraid to touch a person with HIV. Holding hands or a gentle embrace is an excellent way to communicate affection and understanding. (Image source:Getty)

Involve Yourself

You need to get involved, not just by saying. Something as simple as forwarding your friend an article related to HIV is one way in which you can involve yourself in the healing process. Some other things that you can do include getting in touch with his/her doctor and sending the latest facts across. (Image source:Getty)


Educate others around you

There are so many misconceptions related to HIV. Since you're in better know-how about the disease, you must tell those around you about it and clear their doubts. Awareness and education is more than a helping hand. (Image source:Getty)

Keep it Confidential

You must respect and protect your friend’s privacy. If you really need to talk about their situation to someone, it is better to discuss it with them first. (Image source:Getty)


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