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How Can You Become Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional Intelligence is what we call when we have the complete control of our emotions and that of others. It is very important to become emotionally intelligent, because an emotional disturbance can be very dangerous.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Aug 08, 2014

Game of Emotions

Human beings are full of emotions, a bundle of joy, grief, sorrow, excitement, jealousy and so on. At the end of it all, most of us snap, and lose the joie de vivre that is surrounding our lives. Human lives are essentially in a parallel world of nothingness, and any event can cause an upheaval of emotional ride. But a person who can be in control of his or her emotions is the one who is emotionally intelligent. He or she perceives and understands a situation before acting on it. Emotions are meant to be handled, and an emotionally intelligent being knows how to do that.
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Take Note of Emotions

A fairly easy way to understand yourself; take note about how you feel and how you react to events, and you will realise you are gaining control. Look back and reflect on your day and try to think how you reacted to the events that took place around you, and then make a conscious decision of taking good control over yourself the next time.
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Use Your Mind

Your mind most often speaks in a different language, that which is made of logic and reason. This is why you should let an event that might have an emotional impact on you reach your mind. Then you should take a logical call after thinking it over. You will soon find out that this practice will make your life much simpler.
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Recognise your Behaviour

Always learn to recognise your behaviour, this will make you mindful of your own ways. The fact is that the more you recognise your behaviourial impulses, the high emotional intelligence you will develop. Try not to over look any of these at any point in time. Learn to make your emotions vivid.
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Do not Judge

You are not weird for having an emotion, and so you should not think much about it. This includes the ones that are negative. By judging your emotions you will make it hard upon yourself to react in a positive manner, it is a vicious chain. It is only an intelligent being who has the ability to feel his or her emotions while being safe and confident about it at the same time.
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Decide How to Behave

Deciding how to behave will take you far in your approach towards emotional intelligence. You can certainly decide how you want to react to everything that is happening around you, and how you can handle them. Sit down and think of how else you could react other than have lashing out in a situation. Do not let your anger overwhelm you. Do not look for an escape route.
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Speak to Someone

Everyone you know and everyone you do not know are just like you are. Everyone has emotions that are ready to burst open any time. So, speak to someone you trust and you will get a lot of answers to your questions. You will be able to connect to someone and let your emotions out, that is very important. Just a friend would do!
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Be Emotionally Honest

You should be honest to people and moreover to yourself about the way you feel. Thinking, “I am fine” all the time would only make your feel worse, be open with your emotions, and people would be able to read you better. Let it out when you are happy, and let it out when you are sad. But always remember to hurt others with your emotions.
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