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Home Remedies to Combat Diarrhea Effectively

Upset stomach, frequent visits to the washroom or abdominal cramps, all these are dreadful symptoms of diarrhea. The medications may take their own time to give relief but, there are some home remedies that can relieve the symptoms instantly. Here ar

Home Remedies By Vasudha BhatSep 25, 2014

Relieve Diarrhea Symptoms Instantly

Diarrhea occurs as a result of failure in the functioning of the digestive system. Varying from mild, acute and chronic, diarrhea often causes frequent loose or liquid bowel movements. Although the primary cause of the disease is believed to be viral infections, it can also be caused due to food poisoning, caffeine and consumption of alcohol in excess. It takes approximately 2-4 days for the symptoms of diarrhea to be relieved completely. But, here are some home remedies for you that can fight the symptoms much faster.

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Yogurt can prove to be a useful remedy for treating the symptoms of diarrhea. However, not any yogurt will work. You must eat the one that has live bacteria cultures like lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium. These live cultures can help your intestines restore the good bacteria by producing lactic acid and destroying the diarrhea-causing bad bacteria.

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Ginger is an effective remedy to treat food poisoning and can also help you get rid of cramps and abdominal pain. Take a small piece of ginger and grate it. Add a teaspoonful of honey to it. Eat this mixture and avoid drinking water immediately. If this doesn’t suit you, you can also drink two to three cupfuls of ginger tea to relieve the symptoms.

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Brown Rice

Brown rice is a rich source of B vitamins that can control the symptoms of diarrhea. Take half a cupful of brown rice and bring it to boil in three cupfuls of water until it becomes extra soft. Add banana to the cooked rice. Eating this mixture will help you remove the toxins from the body and will be very gentle on your system.

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Carrots have pectin in abundance that can help combat diarrhea. Drink fresh carrot juice a couple of times in a day. This will substitute for the lost minerals and vitamins in your body. You can also add few drops of lemon juice and sugar or honey to add taste to the juice.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can fight against the bacteria that causes diarrhea. A rich source of pectin, it can also calm down an irritated stomach. Take a glass of water and add one teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink this solution after every meal till the symptoms of diarrhea go away.

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Clear Fluids

Diarrhea can dehydrate the body. Hence, you must drink at least eight glasses of plain water along with coconut water and clear sodas. For some additional benefits, add half a teaspoonful of sea salt to a glass of water and drink it two to three times a day.

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You can use blueberries and blackberries to treat diarrhea. Make a soup using dried blueberries and drink it at least twice a day. Blueberries contain antioxidants and antibacterial properties along with tannins that fight the symptoms of diarrhea.

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