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Home Manicure:What makes it difficult?

It is a wise decision to do your manicure at home but you should be prepared to put some extra efforts and with lots of patience. Understand the problems associated with the otherwise convenient and economical solution.

Skin Care By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 07, 2015

Home Manicure

There is something elegant about getting perfectly polished nails in a salon but the elegance doesn’t come for free.  Unless you are lucky to grab a good deal at the salon, it is likely to cost you more than you plan to spend on your nails. If you are willing to save some money you can do manicure at home with only a little effort. But doing manicure on your own has its problems. Here are some confusing stages that people usually go through when they decide to do a manicure at home. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

How Long or Short should I keep my Nails?

Should I keep them long or should I trim my nails short? You may think that keeping the length of nails long might scare away the kids. The idea of trimming the nails short does not lessen your worries. You start to worry if you would be able to get the nail art of your choice on short nails. Hence, deciding on the length is big task on itself. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

Shape of the Nails

Once you are done deciding the length of the nails, comes the second biggest question:How do I shape my nails? After all the shape would define the look of your nails. There are so many shapes that you can try to make, but you can only try one shape at a time. Should you go for round, square, pointy stiletto, or square with rounded top? Well, the shape should complement the length of the nails. If you like your nails short, go for a more rounded shape. Just don’t be afraid to try the shape you like as long as it is going to be comfortable for you.Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

Is any Nail Colour even Usable?

You would want to avoid buying new nail paint, after all you just decided to not visit the salon for the sake of saving some money. Even if money is not the reason, you may not want to add more nail paints to your already crowded collection. So there starts your hunt for the usable nail paint from that huge collection. Shortlist some usable nail paints. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

Figuring out the Perfect Nail Paint

Once you are done deciding the length and shape of your nails, now begins the hunt for the right nail paint that will make your nails look just perfect. The more nail paints you have in your collection, the bigger your confusion. A wrong nail paint that doesn’t look nice can ruin your home manicure session. But, there is nothing to worry about. Just go for the colour and texture of your choice that will complement your wardrobe. If you like to keep things simple, you should avoid glossy and dark colours. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com


Do you Even Know How to Apply a Nail Polish?

While choosing the right nail paint was a tough task in itself, applying the paint over on nails is also not going to be that smooth. You may start panicking for ruining the complete manicure if even a single stoke goes wrong. However, you should just relax and apply the nail paint with gentle stokes without putting too much pressure. You will find it to be one of the easiest and enjoyable things from your home manicure session. You may start with your toe nails to get your hands moving so that you get a nicely done nail paint on your nails. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

The thought of the Process Never Coming to an End

Even though you could just sit back on a chair and relax while the nail expert performs a nice (but expensive) manicure on your nails, painting your own nails may get a little tiresome. Painting your toe and finger nails may leave you a little frustrated, especially if you are planning to apply another coat of the nail paint. It is therefore, very important that you sit in a comfortable position and allow easy access to your toe nails as well. You can also take a little break in between. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com

And, "I just ruined it!"

Nothing can be more frustrating than ruining your nail paint while you are painting them. If you are right handed and painting the finger nails of the left hand, you may forget that you just painted the nails of the right hand and let your nails accidentally touch something. Moreover, since you are at home, you may have to attend to someone at the door or answer the home phone. If you have children at home, you are even more likely to be called for in the middle of your home manicure session. So, make sure you find some free time when you can do it carefully. Image Courtesy: Giphy.com


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