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Holi 2019: Tips to keep your child safe this Holi

It is very difficult to keep children away from colours during Holi. Children love playing with colours, water, water balloons, colour spray and many more. But parents should be very careful to protect their kids from any possible danger during the c

Tips for Parent By Varsha Vats / Mar 20, 2019

Use safe colours

A child's skin is very sensitive. You should buy only natural and organic colours for your children. If your child feels any kind of irritation after using colours then you must stop your child from using those colours. You can also prepare natural homemade colours before the festival using petals of flowers which will not have any harmful effect.

Watch your kids

You should be with your kids while they are playing Holi. Do not leave your kids alone. Kids do not have the ability to judge right and wrong. Be with your kids and celebrate the festival with them.

Prepare your kid's skin

As children's skin is very sensitive, you should prepare it well before letting them play with colours. Apply oil or petroleum jelly properly to your child's skin. Also make them wear full sleeved clothes to cover the most of their body parts.

Avoid water balloons

Water balloons might be your child's favourite but it can be harmful. When kids throw balloons at each other, it can lead to injury. Kids can end up hurting themselves.

Do not let your kids run

While celebrating Holi there is water everywhere which can make the floor slippery. Do not allow your kids to run here and there because they may slip and fall. Make then wear footwear that can prevent them from slipping.

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