Hiking: The secret to a happier and healthier life

Jun 21, 2017

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    Could be your ultimate weight loss activity

    If you are going on just one hour trek, you are burning more than 500 calories while you do not even realise. Yes, it’s as simple as that. You are just walking, having fun with your fellow hikers and burning calories alongside. If you are going for steep hiking, the weight loss results will be even better.  The weight of bag-pack you are carrying makes a lot of difference. In a way, it makes your workout intermediate level and you lose more weight.


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    It controls your diabetes

    If you are a hiker, you are keep diabetes at bay by keeping your blood sugar levels in control. When you are hiking, all your muscles are working-out, transforming the body glucose into energy.

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    Takes care of your blood pressure

    A regular hiker is able to reduce the risk of blood pressure and cholesterol troubles, along with reducing heart disease and heart strokes. Hiking on downhill can remove blood sugars and improve glucose tolerance. Regular hiking helps maintain blood pressure level, preventing heart strokes two times better than other cardio exercises.  

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    It is best social activity

    A long distance trek with other hikers allows one to explore the nature with likeminded individuals. The hikers’ community lets you engage, interact and workout in groups, which is any day better than going to the gym with your buddies. 

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    Hiking has healing effect

    Researchers suggest that hiking not only has physical health benefits but  it also has curing effects and helps in recovery, such as recovery from diseases like cancer as it improves the  anti-oxidative power. 

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    Explore the nature

    What could be healthier than nature? Hiking allows you to experience nature at its rawest form, which is nothing less than pure bliss. Nothing heals you better than the nature.

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