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Here is Why Your Partner is Turning Down Sex

In order to have a healthy sex life, it is very important to realise the mistakes that you commit in the bedroom and all the issues your partner is facing which are driving him/her away from sex.

Snr By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 06, 2014

Reasons For Low Sexual Desires

While you are in a full swing to have sex tonight, it might leave you pondering over the fact that your partner turned you down. The reasons behind having a low sex drive can be many and gender specific.

Men can have totally different reasons to stay away from sex when compared to women. Here are few reasons behind your partner’s low sexual desires.

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Adult Films

Watching adult films is no more restricted to men. Now, even women take equal interest in watching such content. Many psychologists and sex therapists have claimed that watching adult movies can rekindle the lost charm in sex life but at the same time there are many studies which say that addiction to it can destroy your interest in your partner.
Some experts have also said that once a person becomes addicted to adult movies, he/she starts relying more on them than his/her spouse for satisfaction.

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It is your job to know what state of mind your partner is going through before you approach him/her for sex. There are possibilities that your partner is upset over something or is going through depression. In such cases, it is very obvious for your partner to turn down sex.

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If your partner is spending more time masturbating, it becomes quite obvious that he/she would not be interested in getting intimate with you. Masturbating can undoubtedly give a better level of sexual stimulation. Therefore, it becomes natural for your partner to opt for pleasing him/herself than to have sex with you.

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Excessive Allergies

Excessive coughing and sneezing can hinder your sex life. If your partner is having a prolonged allergy, he/she is bound to have a low sex drive. The reason behind this is quite simple as a person having a running nose and watery eyes will be irritable enough to turn down your sex proposal.

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Testosterone Level

For all the women who keep wondering why their man is are no more interested in having sex, his low testosterone level will come to you as a surprise. As a matter of fact, the symptoms of having a low testosterone level were right there before you but you kept ignoring them. Low energy, bad mood, exhaustion etc. all can be symptoms of a decreased testosterone level.

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Erections and Ejaculation Troubles

Men who have problems with erection or ejaculate soon, often withdraw themselves from having sex. Most men treat it as their responsibility to satisfy their woman and in cases where they ejaculate soon it makes them feel less of a man. These problems can make them feel less manly and they might prefer staying away from their partners.

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Lack of Foreplay

Men are imaginative whereas women demand a proof. There are chances that you might be taking it too fast and your woman wants it slow and more affectionate. It is very necessary sometimes to caress a woman’s erogenous areas in order to arouse her. Lack of foreplay can also lead driving her away from you.

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Being Insecure About Your Body

Although being insecure about one’s body is not gender specific yet this issue is more prevalent amongst female. According to studies, if anyone of the partners is encountering this issue, the couple’s sex life can witness adverse effects.

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Child birth

After child birth, the estrogen level in a female’s body drops by a significant level. This leads to a lower sex drive in women. Especially women who breastfeed, a low desire to have sex can be seen.

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If your partner is experiencing some highs and lows in his/her career it is pretty obvious to for that person to have low sexual desire. Especially in men, being the bread-earner of the house a troubled career can kill the mood for having sex.

A healthy sex life leads to a happier life and a satisfied person therefore it becomes very essential to overcome all shortcomings which can hinder your sex life.

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