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Here is Why You Should Sip on Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea can be your favourite drink considering the health benefits it offers. Learn what you can get from drinking Chamomile tea.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi ChaudharyApr 29, 2015

A Tea With Benefits

Chamomile tea is prepared from flower heads of the chamomile plant. The use of chamomile for medicinal purposes dates back to ancient times. People around the world drink chamomile tea for its wide range of health benefits. Here is why you should drink it too.

Treats Cuts and Wounds

Chamomile is known to have great many healing powers that can be reaped upon drinking it. Drinking chamomile tea accelerates healing process, especially of minor wounds and cuts. A recent study had found that rats that were given chamomile-flavoured water healed faster than those who were not given chamomile water.

Good for Skin

Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties of chamomile helps in clearing up skin irritations such as irritations caused as a result of eczema, acne and allergies. Consumption of chamomile tea on a regular basis nourishes and moisturizes skin from deep inside.

Boosts Immunity

Another good reason to drink chamomile tea is that it boosts immune system. Studies suggest that drinking chamomile tea regularly is a natural way to aid immune system and get protection from minor health issues like common cold.

Fights Cancer

Consumption of chamomile tea can reduce cancerous cells. Researchers are still looking forward to see exactly how chamomile reverses abnormal cellular growth.

Promotes Sleep

Drinking chamomile tea soothes the nervous system which in-turn helps you sleep better. It has been used as a remedy for insomnia for centuries.

Relieves Pain

Chamomile tea has muscle-relaxing properties that soothe the uterus muscles and provide relief from menstrual cramps. However, it should be consumed in moderate amounts as too much of chamomile tea can upset stomach too.

Helps with Diabetes

A research has shown that chamomile can be helpful for people who have diabetes. A recent study had suggested that drinking chamomile tea may lower blood sugar levels and prevent complications associated with diabetes. (Image Source: Getty)

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