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What your birth month says about you

Your birth month has a significant role to play in your life. Although the connection between life and birth month is yet to be established by scientists, some early studies have shown a strong association between the two. Discover what your birth mo

Mind Body By Vasudha Bhat / Dec 30, 2014

The Month Theory!

Your birth month can determine a lot about your life. It may sound a little odd but there have been evidences in the past that show a link between the season of your birth and your health in later life. Although, the existence of these connections still baffle scientists, some have hypothesized that environmental factors like vitamin D and temperature fluctuations can have a role to play. So, while the scientists figure out the reasons, go ahead to discover what your birthday month says about you.

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All the people born in this month are ruled by the number 1. This means you will be independent, analytic and a born leader. Other people perceive you as creative and someone who possesses the ability to make things happen. You are born to lead thus, people follow you without having second thoughts. Your charisma does all the talking for you. Males born in this month will have a better role to play when it comes to helping others in finding success in life. You are more likely to lead a more traditional life than others.

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People born in the month of February are influenced by the number 2. You are empathic and psychic. You will spend a lot of time in your life looking for true love and when you find it, the relationship will mean everything to you. Women have a special role to play in shaping and molding your fate, especially in the early years of life. Love has such an impact in your life that if you fail to find the special someone in life, you are likely to become codependent or depressed. You may not be self-sufficient but your care appears to be surreal for other people and you become great parents.

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Being ruled by the number 3, you will find yourself at the right place at the right time. You are also destined for fame and you posses the ability to make money, lots of it. However, you may also lose it just as quickly. You may have to hold onto a relationship because you have a tendency to cheat. You are prone to get addicted and may also have a tendency to never grow up. The child in you is what partly makes you appear adorable and lovable to others.
A study also found that people who were born in this month were 25 percent more likely to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma through young adulthood.

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Under the influence of number 4, you may be perceived as stubborn, bossy and impulsive. However, you are also very creative and intelligent. Your leadership qualities and charisma will let you have many friends and lovers sticking to you throughout your life. It is for you to make sure that you do not push away people by being too bossy. Once you develop faith in yourself, there is nothing in the world that can stop you. Babies born in this month may have an abnormal immune responses which might make them vulnerable to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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Born in the month of May, self-expression holds an important part in your life. You may be a talented musician, actor or a writer. Marriage is a sacred institution for you and you have very high respect for authority. Socializing holds an important position in your life thus, you spend a lot of time with your friends. At times, your need for solitude may be a little exaggerated. The time you spend with nature is the time you can use to find your balance. A study showed that babies born in this month may have autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis.

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Your fate is ruled by the number 6 and you are a romantic person. However, you can be jealous sometimes. You are an amazing lover and can be very sensual. Your love life remains complex throughout and you usually cling to the past for a really long time. You excel in the field of creativity. Spending time with children is a big no for you but, elderly in the family are your favourite. People born in this month may be at a higher risk of committing suicide than those born in other months.

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Your secretive behaviour makes it difficult for people around you to understand you. You are usually quiet but when you are excited or tensed, people can get to see your other side. You have a reputation of hard work and you are honest. You care about other people’s feelings hence, you are perceived as a friendly person. You have mood swings and can be hurt easily. You believe in forgiveness and being revengeful is not your cup of tea. If you are born in this month you are more likely to develop high levels of myopia or nearsightedness.

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You like to joke around and show your care for near ones. Your fearlessness helps you to take firm decisions in life and develop excellent leadership qualities. Your generosity makes you great at consoling others though you can be egoistic at times. You long for praises which makes you stay on spirits all the time on any job. You can be jealous, observant and careful. People born during August have independent thoughts which make them take a lead. If you find yourself flying high this moment and anxious in the other, blame it on your birthday month. You might be suffering from cyclothymic temperament, which is a condition in which frequent and sudden mood swings take place.

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Your fate is ruled by the number 9. Your intelligence and flexibility makes you destined to play many roles in your life. Your intelligence and spirituality keeps you well organized in life but, you have a habit of taking adversities personally. Although, you are always able to succeed in life, at times you may need to turn off your inner critic sometimes. Your tendency to over analyze situations can sometimes, get you into trouble. Babies born in this month may experience lack of vitamin D during a crucial developmental stage.

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People born in October have number 10, which is a higher vibration of 1, ruling their fate. Your luck is very strong thus, whenever you decide to achieve a goal, you almost always manage to meet it. The biggest drawback of your personality is that you can be very argumentative and can posses a large capacity for revenge and deceit. You have the potential to be a well-known leader in your field. A study suggests that people born in this month are likely to develop asthma than people born in other months.

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Number 11, which is a higher vibration of 2, rules the fate of people born in this month. You are psychic, empathic and a positive human being. Your own sensitivity can lead you to develop stress related health and psychological problems sometimes. However, when you overcome your weaknesses, you can be a great teacher and an inspiration for others.

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People born in the month of December are ruled by number 12, a higher vibration of number 3. You believe in a stable lifestyle and you are a practical philosopher. Your strong luck make wealth and love follow you. Sometimes, you may have an ignorant approach towards your responsibilities. Your strong luck can make you over confident about yourself which can make you take risks sometimes.

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