Herbs that Cure Migraine

Feb 26, 2015

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    Herbal Remedies for Migraine

    Long before there was modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, herbs were the only treatment for medical conditions. Herbs can be highly effective in dealing with non-emergency health issues such as headaches, colds and aches. Those with migraine can resort to herbal remedies to prevent attacks and ease migraine symptoms.


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    This herb is credited with treating various ailments owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. Feverfew influences serotonin levels and affects vessel tone. Don’t take it with other blood thinning herbs and medications as there could be some side-effects such as abdominal pain, gas, nausea and nervousness.


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    A warm cup of herbal tea made with peppermint is one of the effective ways to relieve headache, particularly when it involves nausea. Moreover, peppermint is an excellent nasal decongestant that relieves sinus congestion that is associated with migraine.


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    Turmeric has incredible therapeutic properties that range from boosting immunity to detoxifying the body. The herb inhibits platelet clumping and affects blood flow to the brain to help relieve debilitating headache.


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    Ginger has been used for treating a range of ailments. The calming herb with ant-inflammatory properties like aspirin inhibits platelet clumping and also helps with migraine-related nausea.


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    Coriander Seeds

    Coriander is known for its healing properties and is lauded for treating ailments that rang from allergies, diabetes to migraines. The seeds of coriander plant have anti-inflammatory potential that may prove beneficial for migraines. You can chew the seeds or use them in food preparations.


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    Cayenne is known to help ease migraine owing to the presence of a neuropeptide which is involved in the pathophysiology of migraine. The neuropeptide is thought to affect blood flow to the brain and thus, ease migraine symptoms.


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    The aromatic lavender oil is an excellent home remedy for headaches and migraine pain. It can be safely applied externally without the need to dilute it. However, lavender oil should not be taken orally.


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    For centuries, this perennial herb has been used in the treatment of aches, memory difficulties, nervous disorders and headaches. Since more recently, it is being used as a complementary medicine for migraines.