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Herbs to Cleanse the Blood

Cleaning blood is very important and it can be done easily with the help of herbs.

Home Remedies By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 24, 2014

Cure for Blood

Cleansing the blood is not some sort of antique ritual but a very important present day requirement. Blood cleansing or blood purifying can be done with the help of herbs to treat the skin outbreaks and other such internal toxicity. Herbs have been in use for centuries for many purposes which includes cleansing your blood and also removing toxins through lymph system, liver and kidneys

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The Burdick root which is also known as Arctium lappa is a type of food and herbal remedy that is in use throughout Europe and Asia ro cleanse blood. Burdock ckeanses toxins from your system through the liver and the lymphatic systems and is also believed to have anti-cancer elements that can treat cancer patients.

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Red Clover

These red clover blossoms are found in the anti-cancer Essiac formula and are considered to be gentle and safe as a herbal remedy that can cleanse the blood and lymph. You can use this for lymphatic congestion which results in the hard lymph nodes, particularly in the neck, and for skin eruptions.

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Dandelion root is widely used herbal remedy that is used as it supports detoxification through the liver and kidneys and this thereby cleanse the blood. You could use a combination of dandelion and burdock to treat cancer and as well as for liver congestion and skin eruptions. Dandelion supposedly treats certain drug resistant forms of blood cancer too.

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Echinacea is considered to be an immune stimulant and is actually considered to be one of the most powerful herbs that is used to support lymphatic function which is very crucial and undervalued aspect of immune health and detoxification.

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Yellow Dock

Traditionally yellow dock is a herbal medicine which is thought to be a general health tonic. It is good for your digestive tract, liver and skin and is primarily used by herbalists for skin conditions associated with poor digestion, poor liver function or toxicity.

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The Chaparral leaves are good as they contain a powerful antioxidant and are very good as a herbal antibiotic. Chaparral is used to cleanse the lymph system, heavy metals from the blood and also to drive tumours into remission. It is a powerful blood purifier but consumption could be harmful to the liver, so for those having liver disorder this is not an option.

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This is found throughout United States, Southern Europe and Northern Africsa and is beneficial for grandular disorders and cleans the blood by cleansing your tissues and also by purifying the lymphatic system. If taken in large quantities, your stomach can get upset.

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Sheep Sorrel

Sheep sorrel is high in vitamins, chlorophyll and iron. It is said that while the chlorophyll helps promote healthy liver function, the iron and vitamins cleanse and replenish the blood. Additionally, sheep sorrel is a diuretic, which cleanses the blood and the entire system.

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Oregon Grape Root

The Oregon Grape root is used to treat bacterial diarrhea, intestinal parasites, and eye infections. It has a sedative effect on the smooth muscles lining the digestive tract and can relieve stomach cramps and abdominal pain.

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