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Healthy Habits you Must Instill in your Kid’s Routine

Drumming some healthy habits into a child life is an essential part of their upbringing. These healthy habits will prove to be a boon in their later lives when they would have grown up into healthy adults.

Tips for Parent By Vasudha Bhat / Jul 14, 2014

Sow Seeds of Good Health in your Child's Life

Each parent knows that it isn’t just their genes that get transferred to their young ones. Kids, who are like a smooth white canvas, pick up almost all the habits, good or bad, of their parents. Therefore, the responsibility of inculcating healthy habits in their children completely lies on the shoulders of the parents.
Here we give you a few habits that your children can take a long way in staying healthy throughout his/her lives.

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Eating Foods of Different Colours

Teach your children to eat foods of different colours. Make them understand the nutritional value of having a rainbow coloured diet and how important it is to have it regularly.

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Not Skipping Breakfast

Kids usually have a habit of skipping their breakfast. It is a must that you teach your kids the importance of having regular breakfast. Tell them that a healthy breakfast can give their day an energetic start and help them to maintain healthy weight.

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Indulging in more Physical Activities

With the advent of technology, many kids now prefer to remain indoors and glued to the television or computer screens. Don’t let your child become a couch potato. Motivate him/her to go out and indulge in some sports activities. Enroll them in various sports clubs in their schools so that they spend more and more time playing.

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Avoiding Too Much Television

Children who spend more time sitting before the television are at a very high risk of being obese, having behavioural problems and performing poorly at school. Set a time for watching television and make sure that you have locked all the channels with adult content.

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Reading Every Night

You must teach your child to read everyday before going to bed. This will improve his/her performance at school and will help him/her in later life.

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Drinking Sufficient Water

Children are attracted to soda, which is unhealthy. It is your duty to make them stay away from aerated drinks. Also, they must be in the habit of drinking sufficient water throughout the day.

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Checking Food Labels

Make sure that your child has a habit of checking the food label before buying any edible from the market. This will help him/her choose the right food even when you are not around.

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Having Food Together

Despite your hectic schedule and busy life, you must make sure that you have your kids around you at dinner time. This will help them to bond stronger with the family.

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It is important for your kids to learn to socialize. Make them spend time with friends and take them to relatives often so that their communication skills are well developed.

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