Save yourself from Alzheimer’s Disease by Following these Healthy Habits

Jun 19, 2014

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    Loss of Memories by Alzheimer’s

    The toughest part about suffering from Alzheimer’s is that you lose your memory. What's worse is that you just cannot put yourself to remember the times that you have spent with people with whom you have spent all your life. Alzheimer’s is an extension of dementia, a condition in which the patient loses his/her memory, experiences mood changes, becomes incapable of reasoning, and faces communication troubles. Like many other health related troubles, changing the lifestyle and following some healthy habits can help you reduce the risk of the Alzheimer’s. So, here are a few healthy tips that can cut your risk of suffering from the disease.

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    Have a Healthy Mid-life

    The way you live your life ones you have reached middle age matters the most when it comes to cutting the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. If you have eaten healthy during this time period and stayed fit, your risk of developing dementia is reduced dramatically.

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    Learn a New Language

    According to a study, speaking new languages can drastically delay the occurrence of dementia in a person.

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    Stimulate your Mind and Let it Rest too

    When you sleep for more than 8 hours or less than 6 hours and stay away from activities which involve the brain, like reading, you are at a higher risk of developing dementia. Sleep properly and develop the habit of reading before going off to bed. These will keep you away from Alzheimer’s.

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    Keeping the Hippocampus Healthy

    As you age, your brain shrinks in size and the most vulnerable part of the brain during this process is the hippocampus. When Alzheimer’s strikes, it is this part of the brain which is affected the most. So, to keep it healthy and prevent it from the disease you must exercise regularly.

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    Do Exercise to Pump up the Brain

    Weight and resistance training exercises besides keeping you fit physically, also keep the brain healthy. Having 2-3 strength training sessions every week can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by half.

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    Avoid Trans and Saturated Fats

    Just like many other health disorders, trans and saturated fats can also put you at the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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    Breathe to Avoid Stress

    Stress can harm your body beyond measures; it also puts you at the risk of memory loss. To allow a healthy flow of oxygen to the brain and avoid stress, free yourself from other chores and start taking deep breaths whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation.

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