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Health conditions that affect women more than men

Though, there are conditions that arise in both men and women but there are some conditions and ailments that cause more pain and complications in women as compared to men.

Women's Health By Namrata Dutta / Feb 12, 2016

Knee sprains and sprains

Researchers have found that knee pains or sprains caused by any sort of tripping and falling will affect women more than men. The pain is usually is much more worse in women than in men.

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Chronic diseases

Pains occurring during any chronic diseases will always cause more pain women than they would to men.

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After medical procedures

It is evident that after surgical procedures, women will experience much more complications and pain while on the road to recovery and also, it will take more time for women to heal.

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Sinusitis will be much worse in women. The pain, the pressure around the eye, forehead and nose will be more. And women might also serious complications like yellow mucus.

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Commonly known as OA, is a part of Arthritis. It occurs in both and men and women but researchers have found out that women suffering OA will experience more pain.

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