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Health Benefits of Plum

Plums are red and juicy fruits that has many health benefits. Here are ten such health benefits of plump fruits.

Home Remedies By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 14, 2014

Plums for Health

Plums are red, juicey and very tasty and they belong to the Prunus genus of plants and are relatives of peach, nectatine and almond! When plumps get dried they are called prunes. The colour of a plum fruit is simply mesmerizing, and for you to have red plum like cheeks which means to remain healthy, you should eat plums regularly!

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Cancer Protection

Plums are good because they are full of antioxidants, and needless to say that this makes it good for your body. You can also find Beta carotenes in plums which protects you from different types of cancers such as lung and oral cavity cancers. Therefore, it is safe to say that you should include plums in your diet.

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Prevent Cell Damage

Here is another antioxidant that is present in plums known as Anththocyanins, which gives this fruit its red colour. Another fruit wherein you can find this antioxidant is strawberries. Hence, eating plums will prevent cell damaging.

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Protect your Heart

By eating one medium fresh plum you are loading up on 113 mg of potassium which helps to manage blood pressure and also resuces the risk of a stroke. Hence your heart is relatively safer when you are eating plums compared to when you are not.

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Bone Health

In a research at the Florida State and Oklahoma State Universities two groups of postmenopausal women over a span of 12 months were tested for bone density. While one group ate 100 grams of prunes per day the other ate 100 grams of dried apples and both these groups took calcium and vitamin D supplements. The result showed that the group eating prune had a higher bone mineral density in the spine and forearms.

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Good Vision

If you want good vision and healthy eyes then get your hands on plums. Vitamin A is what is required for a healthy eye and good vision, as it keeps mucus membrane healthy. Needless to say that eating plums lets you get a load of vitamin A. Also you will find dietary fiber known as zea xanthin which is good for your retina as it protects eye from harmful UV light.

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Helps against Constipation

Plums are good when you are fighting constipation as it helps to digest food. Plums are rich with dietary fiber and contains sorbitol and isatin. These compounds regulate the digestive system which allows your body to eat different foods and fight against constipation.

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Protects against Diseases

You should turn to plumps because they contain poly phenolic antioxidant compunds such as lutein, cryptoxanthin and zea xanthin that helps to decrese the amount of harmful oxygen derived free radicals. It helps to protect your body from ROS compounds which creare diseases and also helps fight against ageing effects that the body experience.

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Plums contain different vitamin B complex compunds such as niacin, vitamin B6 and phenolic acid compounds that break the carbohydrates, proteins and fats molecules and metabolize them.

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Blood Clotting

When you eat plums you take in vitamin K which is good because it opposes unnecessary blood clotting that occurs all around the body. This helps to maintain good blood pressure by which your heart rate stays constant. Plums have nutritional benefits that help in bone metabolism and therefore as mentioned before, it protects you from bone diseases due to ageing.

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Nutrition in plums include large amounts of antioxidants content such as vitamin C. This helps our body to protect from infectious elements. Plums possess anti-inflammatory properties and other such benefits for the body as well.

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