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Health Benefits of Pistachio

Here are some great health benefits to the very tasty pistachios that are commonly called pistas.

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 15, 2014

Pista Treat

Pistachios are one of the most commonly eaten dry fruits in India. This dry fruit from Western Asia is a nut with powerful nutrients that is actually a fruit with a shell that is taken off before consumption. Here is a close look at the different health benefits of pistachios.

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Heart Friendly

Pistachios help in reducing the level of bad cholesterol or the LDL cholesterol and increasing the level of good cholesterol or the HDL cholesterol in the body. Pistachios also increase the strength of the nerves, thus making the heart stronger.

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Pistachios are rich in vitamin A, E and have anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping the body to heal from inflammation and related problems arising as a result of a medical condition.

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A regular consumption of pistachios gives 60 percent of the every phosphorus that the body needs. This level of phosphorous in the body helps to prevent type 2 diabetes. Besides, the phosphorous that is present in pistachios breaks the proteins down into amino acids causing glucose tolerance.

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Immunity Booster

Pistachios have lots of vitamin B6 in them, which is very important for the proper functioning of the immune system. Besides, vitamin B6 also helps in the formation of blood as well as a proper supply of it to all the organs and cells of the body.

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Brain Plugger

Vitamin B6 in the pistachios increases the haemoglobin count in the blood. This blood that is oxygen-rich then gets supplied to the brain, making it more active.

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Vitamin E is an important nutrient in the books of anti-ageing because it triggers collagen formation, thus fighting the ageing process of the skin and making one look younger.

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Natural Moisturiser

Pistachios have oil in them that has emollient properties. It has the ability to moisturise skin naturally, thus making one look younger for longer. Pistachios have been used in the manufacturing of aroma oil medicinal massage oil, etc.

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Hair Growth Stimulator

Pistachios help in the growth of healthy strands with the help of the fatty acids that it has in plenty. It is also an amazing food source for the strengthening of hair. Applying a hair mask that has pistachios in it helps to deeply nourish and moisturize the hair while also improving its flexibility.

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Anti- premature Ageing

Pistachios have a lot of antioxidants that tend to neutralise the free radicals, thus acting against all the signs of premature ageing. If you begin to consume pistachios way earlier in your life i.e. right from your teens or young adulthood, you would be able to control the ageing process without using commercial anti-ageing products.

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Nutrient Supplier

Pistachios have fewer calories and more vitamin K and potassium per serving compared with other nuts. If you love nuts, you should go for pistachios because they have a number of health benefits, thus helping you to maintain your health.

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