Health Benefits of Khus Khus

Mar 14, 2014

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    Khus Khus

    Khus khus, the kidney shaped seeds, is also known as the poppy seed. It has been used by ancient civilizations for their medicinal benefits for a long time. Here are some of the health benefits of khus khus.


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    Khus khus seeds are good source of Omega-6 fatty acids, protein and dietary fibers. They also contain various phytochemicals , Vitamin B, Thiamin, Calcium and Manganese. Hence khus khus offers a high nutritional value.


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    Khus khus can help cure sleep disorders as it will create a strong desire to sleep. Drinking warm milk with poppy seed paste before going to bed is very effective in inducing sleep and treating insomnia.

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    Khus khus or poppy seeds are good source of dietary fibers. It contains about 20-30% dietary fiber by weight. The fibers support healthy bowel movements and help treat constipation. About 200 grams of khus khus can fulfill your daily fiber needs.


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    Respiratory Disorders

    Khus khus seeds can also be very effective in treating respiratory disorders due to their expectorant and demulcent properties. It helps in reducing cough and provides long lasting relief against problems like asthma.


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    It has been found that khus khus also has amazing anti-oxidant properties due to the large amount of antioxidants present in it. These anti-oxidants protect the organs and tissues from free radical attacks.


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    Kidney Stones

    Khus khus can also be very effective in preventing the formation of kidney stones. Oxalates present in khus khus can absorb excess calcium in the body thus preventing their crystallization in kidney. All this prevents the formation of kidney stones.


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    Dried khus khus can be your natural sedative as it contains small levels of opium alkaloids which can produce a minimal effect on your nervous system while soothing the nervous irritability and reducing coughing and sleeplessness.


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    Pain Killer

    The opium alkaloids present in khus khus can also be very effective as pain killers. Khus khus has also been popularly used as a pain killer to relieve tooth aches, muscular and neuralgic pain.

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    Skin Care

    Khus khus has always been considered good for skin in Ayurveda. It acts like a moisturiser and help reduce burning sensation and itches. The Linolec acid in khus khus can also help treat eczema.