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Health Benefits of Being Naked

Here are some benefits of being naked! More reasons for you to be in your birthday suit!

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 27, 2014

The Naked Truth

Imagine a hot summer day and you are out in the sun for whatever god forsaken reason that may be for. Now imagine you are back at home and have taken off your clothes to take a cool shower. How good do you feel? The thought of a naked shower is quite relieving. Too bad we cannot hang around naked as much as we would like to. If there was nothing called shame, life would have been simpler, and clothing companies would have gone for a toss. Also, we would have been healthier than we are with our clothes on. Nudity can have its advantages, for real!

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Healthy Skin

Our skin also needs to breathe air, yes! By covering yourself in clothes, especially the tight fitting ones you are weakening your skin. You skin needs to absorb toxins which come out when you sweat. By staying naked you are allowing your skin to breathe and this also eliminates toxins!

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Load up on Vitamin D

Before we go out we make sure to cover our bodies with lotions and sunscreen. This is basically because the sun causes damage to our skin and the sun can cause damage when you are under the sun for long. By staying naked you are allowing your body to boost the production of vitamin D and will therefore boost your mood. Stay out in the open with your bare essentials for at least 10 minutes every day.

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Avoid Red Marks

If you are free of your clothing you will help your skin to stay away from the red pressure marks that are left by your too elastic or too tight clothing. This also tends to harm the blood circulation in your body and therefore you can help improve blood circulation by shedding all clothes. Stay naked to be free from all red marks and bad blood circulation.

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Healthy Brain

Studies say that running barefoot can help to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults. Also, additionally barefoot walking and running helps in stimulating your brain. This stimulation is created in the sole of your foot that encourages the brain to boost more neuron connections. Staying naked also increases the flexibility of your brain.

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You feel Relaxed

Nakedness will take you away from depression, low self esteem and other mental problems as it is sort of a therapeutic massage. If you lie naked, your blood circulation will improve, you detoxify your system and you also feel free! All the friction from your clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and hence it is extremely necessary for everyone to feel free and relaxed by shedding their clothes.

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Lower Infection Risk

You increase the risk of getting infected when your clothes that you are wearing are soaked with swear and they begin to breed bacteria. When you are nude you reduce the risk of these harmful fungi and bacteria. This way you can improve your personal hygiene. Now technically speaking we ought to wear clothes and that means we will sweat for sure. But one way of staying hygienic is by taking off your sweaty clothes and showering well with bathing soap.

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Improves your Fertility

When your innerwear is the tight and elastic sort then you restrict blood flow to the penis and genital area. Such tight clothing or low waist jeans and so on directly press on to the penis and therefore slowly kills the nerve receptors there in the surrounding area and this then lowers sperm count. If you are naked you are thereby being more fertile.

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Self Confidence

Most of us are very conscious about the way we look, about our fat tummy and extra fats on the various parts of the body. When we shed clothes and stay naked we get more confident about our physical appearance and that then reflects on our way we think and carry ourselves. This has a positive effect on our lives and increases out self confidence.

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Lose Belly Fat

Now here is a weird one, but apparently works. By sleeping naked you will sleep more soundly and this will allow your levels of stress hormone cortisol to decrease as you rest, and this will also keep a check on your energy and hunger levels. If you get disturbed in your sleep your cortisol will shoot up high as the alarm goes off and this will make you more hungry upon waking up.

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