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Have a weak memory? You might be suffering from PTSD

Sometimes the traumatic events pass but leave a hidden scar, which is often recognised as PTSD, Post traumatic stress disorder. Child abuse, rape, a car accident, witnessing a crime can be counted amongst some traumatic events that can leave someone

Mental Health By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 01, 2017

Weak memory

Although a weak memory can be a sign of many other health and mental disorders but when someone is suffering PTSD, they would forget something very recent. For e.g. if you have just given them your number or have told them something, they would forget it immediately.

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Issues in concentration

People with PTSD will find it very difficult to concentrate or pay attention to anything. They will keep getting distracted. For e.g. If they are attending a lecture or are studying, they will find it very tough to pay attention to the entire lecture, they will keep getting distracted by the rotating ceiling fan, some noise, a fly on the wall or anything very miniscule.

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They cannot fall asleep in unfamiliar surrounding

Even if they are a sound sleeper usually, they will find it very difficult to fall sleep in an unknown place and sometimes they try not to fall asleep because the events haunt them. The fear of nightmares keeps them up. Sometimes this one sign is mistaken for insomnia and other sleep related problems. It requires a proper psychological help.

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Negative thoughts

People who are suffering from PTSD go a bit weaker emotionally. And usually they lash out or don’t have very good terms with the person, resembling the person causing them the trauma. It might seem like they are just going through a mood swing and have no particular reason of being so furious.

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