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Happy exercising with these 7 prompting tips

As easy it is to start exercising, it is easier to give it up. A lot of people do just that and lose their chance of having a healthy lifestyle. Are you one of those people who don’t enjoy their exercising regime? Here are 7 motivating tips that will

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Oct 22, 2014

Exercise is Integral to Health

The benefits of exercising for a healthy living cannot be counted. It helps you to check your blood pressure, blood glucose, prevent stroke and heart diseases, lose weight and keep your joints pain-free. But the problem with exercise or rather us is that, however enthusiastically we start with it, we soon lose interest in it. To stay healthy, we must enjoy our exercising regimen rather than treating it like an obligation. And to enjoy it, we must add some fun activities to it. Here is how to break free from feeling bored of your exercise.

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Don’t Make it Unpleasant

Your fitness professional might tell you to exercise so hard that you’re gasping for air, covered with sweat and sore for the next few days. But, if that is what is making you lose interest in your regime, it doesn’t have to be this way. Even moderate exercise is better than none at all. If you take your exercise as your punishment, it will never provide you with desired results. You’ve got to enjoy it and feel motivated to do it.

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Have Fun while Exercising

You’ll do it when you’ll love it. Think about what you enjoy doing and incorporate it in your workout regime. You might enjoy running with a friend, practising yoga at a calm place, or you might like playing a particular outdoor sport. If you have no idea, you could try different forms of exercises to find the one that you really like to do. You don’t really have to love the gym for exercising, you could even go hiking, belly dancing, martial arts, ballet, yoga, rowing, boxing, climbing or swimming.

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Take it Easy

It never is too late to start exercising and if you are new to it, you should go easy about it. There’s no need to go all-out straight away. Doing so will only give you pain, struggle and post-workout soreness and the belief that exercise is unpleasant will be reinforced in your mind. You have to go easy the first few times and gradually increase the difficulty level.

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Get Habitual of Exercising

The exercise you do just doesn’t have to be regular, but also consistent. Make it a habit to exercise daily so that it becomes a seamless part of your routine. Even if you can only do a 10 minute workout session for getting habitual of your exercise regimen, it is okay. You can gradually increase the duration of it once you are comfortable with it.

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There’s no Quick-fix

Going so hard about exercising and then giving up so easily on it can be explained through the belief that exercise is a quick-fix. This is a disillusion and exercise can’t give you any results overnight. You will have to give it some time. For long-term health benefits beyond your body shape, you have to be patient with your workout.

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Pick the Right Exercise

What is your goal? Is it losing weight, getting muscle, shape a certain part of your body, or just be healthy overall? It is important to find your goal and picking the right exercise for it. Because, if you want to lose belly fat and are doing dumbbells in the gym, it won’t fulfil your goal and you will easily lose hope in exercise. Be honest with yourself and get some professional advice.

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Track Your Progress

One of the positives of regular exercise is experiencing improvement and progress. If you didn’t see any improvement, you’d eventually get disheartened. So, track each small improvement to keep your motivation levels high.

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