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Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There can be nothing scarier than the thought of less hair on your scalp. However, most of our worries related to the hair tend to be myths. Understand these myths and look after your hair better.

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi ChaudharyNov 17, 2014

Debunking Haircare Myths

People love their hair so much that they can easily fall prey to the myths regarding it. Here are some myths about your hair that you need to stop believing. Image Courtesy : Getty



Brushing Your Hair Helps Them Grow Faster

If you have spent hours brushing your hair just because you thought it would help your hair grow faster or improve the hair quality you have most probably wasted your time. In fact, brushing too often can damage your hair's cuticle. Brush your hair only when it is necessary. Image Courtesy: Getty

Colouring Your Hair Is Unhealthy

While bleaching your hair is one of the worst things you can do to it, colouring it with a darker tone may add some shine and thickness to your hair. Bleaching removes colour and moisture from your hair making them thinner and more fragile. However, adding colour to your hair can make them look thicker. Image Courtesy: Getty


Plucking A Strand of Gray Hair Will Result In Two More

Plucking hair doesn't make them grow more. No matter you pluck a gray or black hair strand, you will not get two hair strands in its place. However, when one gray hair appears more are likely to appear. Avoid plucking your hair as it may weaken the roots. Image Courtesy: Getty

Cutting Hair Frequently Boosts Hair Growth

Trimming or cutting your hair doesn't affect their growth. Hair growth is connected to the roots and the scalp rather than the tip of your hair. However, trimming your hair will make them look fuller and healthier. Image Courtesy : Getty

Don't Colour During Pregnancy

Women are usually concerned about colouring their hair during pregnancy. They are worried about inhaling ammonia from the dye, however, the levels of ammonia present in modern day hair dyes are very low. Moreover, you always have the all-natural option of henna.


Switching Shampoos Helps

It's really a good idea to switch shampoo if you need to change from anti-dandruff to volumising. However, switching shampoo continuously, just for the sake of better hair quality or growth won't do any good to your hair.

Dandruff means A Dry Scalp

Dandruff is not a result of a dry scalp as we all may commonly believe. Dandruff flakes are the result of an oily scalp. So, don't add more oil to your scalp thinking your scalp may be too dry. Image Courtesy: Getty


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