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Habits you must Abandon before Tying the Knot

Returning late from office, taking off your clothes, swirling them and making them land in any corner of the room before slipping into those shabby pajamas might be an important part of routine. But, before you tie the nuptial knot many habits like t

Dating By Vasudha BhatSep 23, 2014

It's Time to Let Go

The `I’ in your life will be soon replaced with `we’. Tying a knot brings changes in your life in abundance. You will now need a double ticket to travel the journey called life. But, before you begin the journey there are few compromises which you will have to make, willingly or unwillingly. And, this will include letting go off certain things. So, this is what you need to do before walking the down the aisle.

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Stop those Messy Habits

Leaving your surroundings dirty is a significant part of everyone’s bachelorhood. But, once you have decided to make someone an integral part of life it may not make you feel happy to know that they are going to spend their weekends cleaning up your mess. So, it’s time for you to let go off this habit.

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Stop the PDAs on Social Media

Your life may have been an open book and all the people in your friend list must be aware of all your activities. Surely, you must be planning to post all your couple snaps on social media to show the world you are in love. But, this will only interest people for a few weeks. Soon, you will land up in the restricted list of most of your friends who may not find it entertaining enough to have a sneak peek into your personal life anymore.

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No More Asking Mum for Before Doing Stuff

Your mother must have been there in all phases of life guiding you about the right and the wrong and you might have been in the habit of looking up to her before going ahead with any decision in life. However, this habit may lead to many fights after marriage.

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Shift Gap Arrangements for Dinner

Before marriage, some Maggie and a hot cup of tea suffices for dinner. In fact, at times it is the best option you can get while thinking about what to cook for dinner. But, post marriage these shift gap arrangements do not work.

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Working till Late Nights

When there is no other option but, to work till late hours you must do it. However, making it a habit can lead to a troubled marriage. Staying back just to catch up with your favourite colleague or doing an overtime only to get updates on office gossips is fine as long as you are a bachelor but, continuing with this habit even after marriage can be a cause of trouble.

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Giving Importance to yourself all the Time

Thinking about yourself is a healthy habit. But, doing it all the time can land you in serious problems after marriage. You must get over this notion that you are god’s own creation and this will help you deal with issues more efficiently. You will be able to compromise to make things fall in place.

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Besties with Ex

You must have been good friends with your ex before marriage but, continuing to carry this baggage from past can send your marriage to ruins. This will not only make your relationship with your spouse sour but, it will also prohibit you from giving 100 percent to your marriage. Your friendship with your ex can work like a slow poison for your marriage.

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Stop Expecting Lavish Treats

Your pre-marriage life must have been filled with extravagant luxuries to celebrate your big days and you expect the same after marriage. This may not work well for the relationship. Start appreciating small things and have a look at the big picture.

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