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Habits that might be Making your Partner Jealous

Making each other jealous in a relationship may sound exciting for some people. But, you must not lose track of the duration you have been making your partner uncomfortable as it can have some serious implications on the relationship. Here is a list

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Oct 01, 2014

The Jealousy Induction!

For some couples it may be a source of excitement and for others it may be a negative emotion that bonds them together. Jealousy is a part of every relationship which willingly or unwillingly sticks around the couple forever. The term "jealousy induction’’ is used by psychologists to refer to the tendency of making a partner jealous.

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The Numbers

A study conducted by psychologist Brent Mattingly at Ashland University showed that 84 per cent of the participants had made their partners jealous at least once in their relationship. Don’t be surprised by the numbers because even you might be amongst those who make their partners jealous, perhaps unknowingly. So, if you are wondering what could have made your partner jealous, here is a list for you.

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Talking about your Past

You might be doing it in order to be open about everything with your partner but, discussing your romantic involvement with someone else will surely make your partner jealous. Avoid it if you had been doing it without giving much thought to the implications.

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Telling your Partner about People who Flirt with you

There will be people around who would flirt with you even after knowing about your relationship status. That is fine. But, telling your partner about such persons to make them jealous can be hazardous for your relationship.

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Talking about People who you Find Attractive

When your partner discovers that you find someone else attractive, it is sort of obvious for them to feel discomfort. You may be talking about such people once in a while but when done constantly, it can wreck havoc on your bond.

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Cooking up Stories about others Sexual Interest in you

Some people may falsely tell their partner about others having sexual interest in them. Initially this may look exciting but, when it does not stop it may create trust issues in your relationship.

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Talking about your Crushes

Some might do it on purpose while others may do it without any cruel intentions. But, whatever the reason i for sharing details about your crushes, doing so may make your partner grow a stressed nerve.

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Talking to a Friend of Opposite Sex

Your relationship may be going through a tough phase and to make your partner realize your importance, the best resort you would seek is to  speak more intimately with someone of the opposite sex, such as a friend or a colleague and make it butt obvious to your partner.

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