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7 Habits that make you look old

Getting older before your time can be a curse. Most times you contribute to the many factors that lead you to look and feel older than your age. Here are 7 such reasons.

Fashion & Beauty By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Aug 26, 2014

Being Older than Usual

Ageing is a heartbreaking experience for any mortal. It is the wrinkles which feel like paper, the loss of memory, the feeling left out, and an absurd feeling of being unwanted. But what if you get such feelings before your time? Even before you have hit your age, you might feel a shadow of your former self, and that is certainly not good news. You need to understand how to look just your age, and in fact keep that radiance and vibe of your age alive. Here are some ways in which you run the risk of looking older than your age.
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Not Drinking Enough Water

Here is one of the reasons why you are looking older than you actually are. Drinking water is definitely one of the best things that you can gift your body. Water tends to support your health and also regulated digestion and also enhances immune function, also increases energy and aids in weight loss. Therefore, if you do not drink up then your skin would get dehydrated and would look dull, and saggy.
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You Skip the Sunscreen

On days when the sun is high and you skip the sunscreen lotion when going to work then you harm your skin. If you have not been applying sunscreen on your face then you should try doing so at the earliest. The sun’s rays can be very bad for your skin, and lotion can be a good way to thwart the harmful effects of it.
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You Don’t Bother about Tailor-made

Wearing over-sized clothes mean that you are trying to hide your skin; you are also trying to hide your physical appearance. For whatever reason it is, you should not be wearing clothes that are way bigger and does not fit you well. Wearing over sized clothes can be a disaster fashion statement, and makes you look like a dinosaurs.  Go for tailor made clothes and look nice.
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You do not Socialise

Not socialising could be a sign that you are very bored with the human race, and this means that you are usually very aloof from the current times. This definitely makes you look older than your age and can be a very strong sign regarding the mental ageing of a young one. Act like you are young if you are so, and socialise with people, it can be interesting in many levels.
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You Overemphasise on Being Young

Hanging out at the mall doesn’t mean that you always have to wear crazy graphic tees, and weirdly faded jeans when you are 30. You need to dress your age and so you need to wear clothes that suit your time and your lifestyle. Do not be so habitual with young and sexy clothing even when you have crossed that age. It will only make you look like a 40 year old who is desperately trying to make a comeback.
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Eating too Much Junk

Here is a thought for those who are too cool for some good old home made food. Eating too much junk can pose as trouble, your body does not like it, your brain rejects it, and your skin loathes it. Then why eat? Eating healthy foods is the best gift that you can give your body, and moreover this way you can avoid any excess weight issues. Being obese is not a great thing to happen, and you know it only too well.
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You do not Exercise

Here is one habit that will take you a long way. One of the key ways to move past any sign of premature ageing is by exercising. When you exercise you keep fit, and you stay away from excess fat, and you develop muscles. Muscles are the right kind of mass that you are looking for, not fat. Also, your entire body feels rejuvenated and you tend to give out a radiant glow.
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