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Habits that could Sabotage your Vision

Your eyes are a susceptible part of your body. They need proper care to escape all possible damage due to external factors. Here we tell you some habits that can damage your eyes and vision permanently.

Eye Disorders By Vasudha Bhat / May 14, 2015

Eye Care is Must

The benefits of having healthy eyes and vision go beyond words. Therefore, the importance of eye care may be much more than what you think. There are several habits that are doing more bad than good to your health, especially when it comes to your eyes. So, here is a list of few such habits that you must abandon in order to have healthier vision.


With every cigarette you smoke, you inhale at least 7,000 kinds of dangerous chemicals that can be hazardous for your health, especially for your eyes.

Not Keeping Electronic Devices at a Distance

Radiations emitted by your electronic device while you stare at them constantly for hours can be harmful for your eyes. You must develop the habit of keeping all your devices at a distance when you know you are going to spend a lot of time sitting in front of them.

Not Wearing Sunglasses

When your naked eyes get exposed to ultraviolet radiations, they become susceptible to damage. However, wearing sunglasses can prevent your eyes from damage.

Not Eating a Variety of Foods

Foods like carrots that are high in pectin must essentially be made a part of your diet. Pectin gives your food a bright orange colour and is highly beneficial for eyes.

Reading while Travelling

Books may be your best companion and you cannot resist reading a page or two while on a long and boring journey. But, we must warn you that your favourite hobby when done on a moving object can be very harmful for your eyes.

Staring at the Computer

Some people have a habit of staring at their computer screens for long durations without blinking even once. Doing this could damage your eyesight.

Sleeping with Contacts

At times, you may feel too lazy to remove your contact lenses. But, this laziness can put your eyes in danger. Sleeping with contacts on can put your eyes at risk of contracting infection that could lead to permanent damage.

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