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Grow Taller with Simple Yoga Poses

If you are thinking that it will be great if your height can increase by two inches, then performing a few, simple yoga exercises may be helpful! Try these for definite results.

Yoga By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 23, 2014

Increase height with yoga

Height is something that is determined before you're born i.e. by your genes. The choices you make during your growth period also have an effect on your height. Have you tried everything and realised that nothing seems to work? Be it medicines or exercises. Performing a few, simple yoga exercises may be helpful! (image source:Getty)

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskara, also referred to as Sun Salutation, has been practiced for centuries. The pose consists of 12 different postures which should be performed in a chronological manner. Practicing this yoga pose is beneficial for increasing your height and digestion. It should be practiced at dawn or in the evening. (image source:Getty)


Sukhasana, the easy pose, is a basic leg fold position. Many of the other yoga poses originate from the seated posture. In this pos, when you look down, you see a triangle formed by the two thighs and the crossed shins. The yoga position helps control your breath and tones your lower back and hips. This helps the cartilage in those areas to decompress. (image source:Getty)


Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose) is an easy and beneficial yoga position. It can be beneficial in increasing height. Besides, it keeps the body supple and strengthens arms, legs and spine.


Practicing Trikonasana or Triangle Pose will help improve your balance and enable you to have a good posture. This yoga position also relieves tension in and around the muscle areas, thereby making you taller. (image source:Getty)

Parivrtta Trikonasana

Parivrtta Trikonasana is also known as Revolved Triangle Pose and Triangle Pose. This position helps strengthen the back muscles, improves balance and thus, contributes to growth of height. (image source:Getty)

Adhomukha Savasana

Also referred to as the Downward Facing Dog, Adhomukha Savasana, is easier to perform than most other yoga positions. Practicing adhomukha savasana will increase blood flow to your face and neck besides relieving tension. (image source:Getty)

Tree Pose

As the name suggests, the Tree Pose replicates the graceful, steady stance of a tree. This yoga posture is very useful in strengthening your thighs and calf muscles. It stretches your inner thighs, groin and shoulders, and makes you taller. (image source:Getty)


Chakrasana, also known as the wheel pose, helps to make one taller as the body is bent forward or backwards. Moreover, it makes the spine more elastic. (image source:Getty)


Hastapadasana or hand to foot pose can be extremely effective when you are trying to gain extra height. The yoga pose focuses on every body part on back of the body. (image source:Getty)

Other yoga benefits

Besides being effective in increasing your height, practicing yoga renders a range of other health benefits. It helps to relieve stress, tension and depression. For strong/flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind and good health, turn to yoga! (image source:Getty)


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