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Grooming products that you can steal from your wife

Instead of using male grooming products, men could actually steal some good grooming products their wife.

Fashion & Beauty By Namrata Dutta / Aug 31, 2016

Stealing can be good too

Why do women look so pretty all the time? Okay, if not always, women manage to look good on the times when they should. How do they do it? Well, as someone said, “makeup gives you what god has not”, which is correct to an extent. From dry shampoo to moisturizer, women have products that come to the last minute rescue. Yes, women do take a lot of time to get ready but the fact cannot be ignored that their beauty products can turn them into a diva without much efforts. When a guy tries to look good, shower is the last resort. There is no doubt that women have some of the best beauty products that can solve many of the men grooming troubles. So, instead of using male grooming products, men could actually steal some grooming products their wife.

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Magic of dry shampoo

Women have fully realized the potential of dry shampoo and that is why almost every woman has turned their bad hair day into their best hair day. Dry shampoo has the power to make your hair look like you have just come out of a salon. Dry shampoo is one of the best grooming products to steal from your wife. Dry shampoo basically absorbs oil from hair, so you can just dab some dry shampoo right after work out and get rid of that nasty sweat.

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Softness with moisturizer

Wonder why women have so soft skin? Their moisturizer is the answer. Yes, the moisturizer that women use is mild yet effective. Guys usually don’t make use of any moisturizer but they should. Usually, the nature of their job profile where they come in contact with dust and pollution makes it essential for men to use moisturizer and what could be a better option than moisturizer that women use. There are not many grooming products for men and certainly no good moisturizers for them, so they can always just borrow their wives’ moisturizer.

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Eye cream for your eyes only

Why some women never age? Actually, women do age but the sorcery they possess name ‘Eye cream’ is the thing that make women look much younger than their actual age as eyes can easily reveal. So, guys have all the right to look young and eye cream that women use is the thing they need. You can just steal it without telling her.

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The lightweight hair oil

Boys have spent enough time in school and colleges with a head full of sticky hair oil but not anymore. When we said that women make use of beauty products that nothing less than pure magical, we were not lying. They use oil and still their hair look fabulous, so you guys too can have the oil free look with the lightweight hair oil.

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