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Give Your Ailing Stomach Some Relief With These Home Remedies

Stomachache can at times cause discomfort and embarrassment. Few quick home-made remedies can always offer help giving comfort to an ailing stomach.

Home Remedies By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 05, 2014

Why Home-Made Remedies

An upset stomach not only causes discomfort but it can also be embarrassing sometimes. From indigestion to gastric problems, the reasons behind an upset stomach can be many. There are many treatments available at a chemist’s shop to calm an upset stomach. However, also there are some home-made and natural remedies which effectively soothe the aching stomach without leaving any side-effects.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds very effectively help fighting indigestion and gastric problems. Consuming tea made up of Caraway seeds or just simply chewing them after dinner can work wonders for an upset stomach. Caraway seeds have been used as a natural remedy to treat an ailing stomach since 1500 BC in Europe and western Asia.


Papaya is an effective natural treatment to bring an achy stomach at peace. Papaya consists of enzymes called papain and chymopapain which catalyze the digestion process. The enzymes present in Papaya break down proteins therefore are used in many commercial meat tenderizers.

Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate stimulates pressure in the stomach leading to burps. Adding one teaspoon of baking soda in water creates fizz in the drink which eases out the pressure in the stomach caused due to acidity. However, the mixture should be consumed occasionally.


Cinnamon is considered to be a helpful remedy for stomach aches. By accelerating the digestive system, cinnamon helps fighting all sorts of digestion problems which cause trouble in the belly. Cinnamon powder can be consumed with tea by adding ½ teaspoon to 1 cup hot water.

Ginger Tea

Stomach problems like nausea and gas can very effectively be cured by consuming ginger. Ginger stimulates the movement of food in the body allowing smooth absorption of nutrients. A hot cup of ginger tea can relieve stomach from pain. A ½ teaspoon grounded ginger to a hot cup of water can get you back on your feet.


A natural remedy for indigestion, mint helps the movement of food through intestines hence giving relief to stomach cramps. Mint tea when consumed at least thrice a day can reduce stomach troubles to a large extent. In order to achieve best results, make sure that the drink is consumed empty stomach.


There are times when due to various reasons you are not able to eat all day long. This creates overactive stomach acids which lead to burning in the stomach. To fight this condition it is always advisable to eat something light and flavorless like crackers.


According to few studies, people who consume a high fiber diet cut their chances of encountering an upset tummy by half. Fiber stimulates the proper functioning of the digestive system. An apple a day can fulfill your body’s fiber requirement. However, never eat an apple without its peel as the skin contains maximum roughage.

Hot water bottle

Putting a hot water bottle on the tummy after having food can improve the circulation in the abdominal area hence soothing the pain. The improved circulation can help the digestion system to function properly. 

Fruit juice

Consuming fruit juice can help fight diarrhea in an effective way. Fruit juice injects back the potassium with other nutrients which the body loses during vomiting. Fruit juices are considered to be a useful medication in conditions like food poisoning which are caused by microbial infection.


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