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Girl to Woman Your Changing Body during Puberty

Let us understand how puberty transforms you into a woman from a girl.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Feb 04, 2014

Puberty is a Crazy Time

Everything is changing- your body, your moods; but what is causing all these changes? What everyone says about puberty- that is all about raging hormones, well it is kind of true.  Your body enters puberty at the signal of some hormones that were hibernating till now. Let us understand how puberty transforms you into a woman from a girl.


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You will Get Your Period

Periods are a monthly cycle that most healthy women go through during their reproductive years. Periods or menstrual cycle or menses comes in form of bleeding from vagina and lasts for around 5-6 days. The menstrual cycle is the heaviest during the first few days. Some women get cramps before or during the cycle.


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You Will Get Discharge

Discharge or leucorrhoea is a white, yellow or greenish sticky discharge that leaks out of  vagina once in a while. It may stain your underpants. It is perfectly normal unless the vulva becomes itchy or irritated. If you notice that happening, see a health care provider.


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Your Breasts will Grow

Breasts develop through puberty and after completion, each breast is distinct. Breast size varies from woman to woman and there is no way you can make them large or small other than going through plastic surgery. However, that is not a very safe or healthy alternative.


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You will Notice Pubic Hair

At the onset of puberty, hair starts growing along the outer opening of your private parts. The hair becomes darker and coarser with time. Sometimes it spreads to the insides of thighs. Underarm hair also begins to grow.

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Your Body will Grow

Your body will gush forth in a sudden development resulting in an average growth of about 3.5 inches a year. The first body parts to grow are head, hands, and feet; then your arms and legs, and finally your torso and shoulders.


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You will Gain Weight

This is perfectly normal and is a part of puberty. You cannot grow taller, develop breasts, or get your first period without gaining weight. You might comfort feel comfort in the fact that everyone goes through this awkward phase, you are not alone.


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You may Experience Acne Breakout

Your sweat and oil producing glands start developing with puberty, which eventually results in acne when these glands are clogged. Wash your face twice daily to banish those unsightly pimples. In case the problem persists, you may want to speak to a dermatologist.


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Your Outlook Changes

With puberty, your thought process opens up- making you wise to analyze situations in a new way. Your thoughts and feelings might turn complex which is a new ability. However, these changes can make it hard for you to move on from negative emotions.

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You Might Feel Sexually Aroused

Puberty can put you on an aroused front in terms of sex. You might feel embarrassed or out of control. Do not give in to this physical desire by engaging in risky sexual behaviour. As you grow older, you will get used to this arousal and will find it less intrusive.


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You will Experience Mood Swings

Changing moods are a normal part of growing up. Share your feelings with someone you trust, especially when you are sad or frustrated. Do not fear that adults won’t understand your problem. They will relate to it fully because they have gone through puberty too.


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