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Get Rid of Your Onion Breath. Now!

Oops! Is that onion breath you are poisoning the environment with? Why don’t you do something about it? Well, you can’t stop eating the tasty vegetable, but you sure can erase any traces of ever eating it. Here’s how..

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Oct 15, 2014

The Abominable Onion Breath

Onion has been a key ingredient in many dishes around the world, known for providing crunch, sweet and savoury flavour, and “kick” to the recipe. Eating onions also helps your health in tons of ways like reversing and reducing the risk of heart disease. But this taste and the health benefits come at the cost of your breath. Eating onions make you feel like you are on everyone’s radar and as if colleagues sitting two floors up can smell your onion breath too. But there are some ways that can help you erase any tracks of ever eating an onion by removing your onion breath.

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Chew something minty like parsley or mint leaves or even a mint-flavoured gum. Gum with xylitol is particularly good for freshening up your mouth. You could also have some mint tea to remove the smell of onions from your mouth.

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Add some more veggies to the dish which includes onions. For example, if you are eating salad with onions, throw in some extra lemon, carrots and mushrooms to counter the smell. If you are fond of eating raw onion along with your food for its crunchy taste, you might want to eat those veggies right after the meal so that you don’t develop onion breath at all.

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We are about to tell you a home remedy which you may laugh off as silly, but trust us it really works. Take a spoonful of mustard and swish it around in your mouth for 30 seconds and then spit it out. Next, take another spoonful of it and swallow it. It will kill the onion breath.

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Good Hygiene

Hygiene is the key to smelling great. When you brush your teeth, also floss them and clean your tongue thoroughly, which is responsible for 80-90% of the germs. Finish the process off with mouthwash. Generally, it is acceptable to brush your teeth twice a day, but in case you have gone overboard with your love for onions, you might want to do it once after the meal too.

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Green Tea

Some compounds present in the onion are the reasons behind the bad smell. Green tea has been shown to neutralise some of these compounds. Drink a cupful of green tea to freshen up your breath.

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Alcohol kills bacteria in the mouth, which will remove bad breath. Vodka is particularly good because it does not have a lingering aftertaste. If alcohol is not your thing or it is not feasible for you to have, you could eat a slice of bread after the meal. Sometimes, a lack of carbs can contribute to bad breath and the bread will  suffice for the lack.

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Be Realistic

Be realistic about the onion causing bad breath; it isn’t as bad as we think it to be. Just like our other unfavourable aspects, we tend to magnify it at least ten times. Don’t be self-conscious, it’s just a vegetable. Even then, if you think you can’t handle your onion breath, avoid eating raw onions, instead cook them.

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