Get rid of that annoying constipation with these awesome homemade juices

Apr 18, 2017

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    Constipation : Constant trouble and discomfort

    Constipation is not something that is being discussed or shared like any other problems. While you feel no hesitation in sharing how much pain and discomfort you endure due to sore throat, rarely do you go into office and let every know that you haven't poop in five days. If you’ve had constipation, you would know the problem is not limited to being embarrassed, it can turn really devastating at times too. So, you rush to the drugstore and flood yourself with laxative drugs, in the hope of getting the relief, but often this only worsens the problem. Instead, try some natural homemade juices to relieve the discomfort and prevent it from coming back. Image source : Shutterstock

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    Causes of constipation

    Before we talk about the remedies, it is important to know what makes you constipated in the first place. Mostly your poor diet and inactive lifestyle are to be blamed to give rise to this condition. Consumption of junk food and alcohol, smoking and overeating are some of the most common perpetrators.  Here are some homemade juices you can drink to relieve constipation. Image source : Shutterstock

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    Why you should drink juice when you’re constipated

    A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners states that researchers have found that juices that contain sorbitol can help improve the water content as well as the frequency of bowel movements. Image source : Shutterstock

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    Prune juice

    One of the most effective juices that helps relieve constipation is prune juice. Each glass of prune juice contains about 2.6 grams of fiber, which is 10 percent of your daily requirement. Fiber content bulks up the stools while soribitol soften them, making them easier to pass. In addition, prune juice is loaded with vitamin C and iron. Image source : Shutterstock

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    Apple juice

    Another juice that can provide you with gentle laxative effect is apple juice. However, this juice is often recommended to children with constipation as it has relatively high ratio of fructose to glucose and sorbitol content. But it can cause intestinal discomfort if taken in large doses. Image source : Shutterstock

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    Pear juice

    Another option you can try is pear juice, which contains 4 times more sorbitol than apple juice. Pear juice isn’t as rich in vitamins as prune juice, but many kids prefer its flavour. Image source : Shutterstock