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Get better biceps with these tips

The biceps are the prominent pair of muscles; they do a lot of work outside of the gym every day. Here’s how you can get bigger biceps.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / May 12, 2014

Build Your Biceps

Building big biceps is a challenging goal, but once you start training your biceps, you will find it rewarding. The biceps are the prominent pair of muscles; they do a lot of work outside of the gym every day. Here’s how you can get bigger biceps. (Image source; Getty)

Train biceps with weights

Training with weights give you better shot at building bigger biceps, although you can give the biceps a workout by doing calisthenic exercises also. Always choose a lighter weight than you would normally use. (Image source; Getty)

Do Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are one of the best exercises for biceps. There are several ways of doing them; they can either be done using dumbbells and barbells. (Image source; Getty)

Basic Biceps Curl

The basic biceps curl targets the upper arm muscles. Hold the barbell or dumbbell in your hands with your arms facing down. Straighten your elbows holding the fitness equipment. Bring the bar/dumbbell to the chest until your biceps are fully contracted and bring it back to the initial position in a controlled motion. Repeat. (Image source; Getty)

Perform Chin ups

Chin ups work the bicep and back muscles besides strengthening the core. As your back assists your biceps in lifting your entire body over the bar, your biceps can handle much more weight. (Image source; Getty)

Perform pull ups

Pull ups target the biceps. To perform a pull up, grab the pull-up bar with the palms facing away from you and placed shoulder-width apart. Hang from the bar. Your arms should be fully stretched out, knees bent and feet crossed. Pull yourself up on the bar until your upper chest reaches the bar. Hold this position for up to two seconds and lower yourself down in a controlled motion. (Image source; Getty)

Do cardio

To build biceps, you need to weight train and introduce some cardio into your routine. If you have body fat around your arms or other areas, use a weighted jump rope that gives your biceps a workout while burning that fat. (Image source; Getty)

Eat plenty of protein

Workout alone cannot help you build biceps if you don’t get the required nutrition. Eat plenty of protein foods; they give your biceps the fuel they need to repair and grow. Some excellent protein sources are chicken, fish, cheese and tofu. (Image source; Getty)

Lifestyle changes

You need to make slight lifestyle changes to effectively build muscle. You should be drinking more water, eating more lean protein and fibre, and getting a good night’s sleep. The slight changes keep your body healthy and facilitate muscle growth. (Image source; Getty)

Don’t over train

As the arm muscles are small, they are more prone to over-training. For maximum growth and improved strength, you must limit your targeted arm workouts. All you'll need to do is proper exercises with the proper intensity. (Image source; Getty)

Consult physician

If you have a medical condition that may get in the way of your workout routine or limit your ability to engage in physical activity, it is advised to consult a physician. (Image source; Getty)


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