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Get a back that will rock backless dresses

How in the world some women have that shiny, flawless and almost worth caressing back? Seriously, there are women with a back better than their faces but how? Well, a little effort and you too can have a back that can rock backless dresses or top in

Fashion & Beauty By Namrata DuttaMar 18, 2016

Scrub it all away

Since most of people can’t reach their backs, it remains neglected. Well, you should try and exfoliate your back, to get rid of the dead skin on the back. Use a mild loofah, or a good body scrub to exfoliate the back and you will have a much visible smoother and shinier back.

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Massage it

You can use any oil to massage your back and see the transformation. Jojoba, baby, lavender or any oil can be applied.  A dry and flaky back never looks pleasant and massaging can give a well moisturized and soft back.

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Only shower doesn’t help

Usually showering can wash off your natural body oils, leaving you with a dry skin. Now, after shower it is important that you moisturize your back, to retain at least some amount of moisture. Regular moisturizing post shower can give you a soft and supple back.

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Steam bath

Now, steam bath can help you open pores on your back and after that you can scrub off the layer of dead skin, and all the blackheads that might be there, only to get a smoother and flawless skin later.

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Tone it up

Usually because of wearing bras causes women to have bra bulges that don’t look good when you wear something backless. You can take up some work out regime that will help you get rid of the fat on the back, some work out that make you work on your back specifically. Anything that helps you tone-up a bit like yoga, swimming, pushups and renegade row.

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The glowing glory

Well, face, neck, hands and even legs get pampered and its juts the back that we hardly brush our hands on. To rock a backless dress or top, you must take care of your back as well. Now, like you apply face packs, you can apply some fairness, toning and cleansing packs on your back.

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Make up to the rescue

If nothing else helps, make up will surely do. Yes, a little bit of makeup can give the flawless back that you wish to have. Seek expert’s guidance to have makeup ideas for your back. After wearing a bit of makeup backless dresses, backless gown, long backless dresses and all those celeb style dresses and be the show stopper at any event.

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