gastritis slideshow

  • Best and Worst Foods for Bloating

    Gas and bloating can be quite discomforting. Take a look at the belly bloaters in your diet and know the foods that can help you get out of the uncomfortable feeling.

  • 8 Causes for Indigestion Revealed!

    Do you keep feeling a burning sensation in the abdomen, bloating (feeling of fullness), pass wind or burp, have an acidic taste or a rumbling stomach? These symptoms suggest you are suffering from indigestion.

  • 10 Ways to Beat Bloating and Deflate Puffy Belly

    We all often have the feeling of being bloated or the digestive complaints of belching. Here are the easy ways you can deal with puffy and uncomfortable tummy.

  • Best Ways to Treat Gastritis

    Gastritis is a problem of stomach and reduces the production of mucus, enzymes.

  • 10 Surprising Symptoms of Acid Reflux

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