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Fun ways to keep your family fit

Want to get your family healthier but no-one is ready to sweat it out? You need to try these fun ways that can help you and your family get fitter and healthier. Moreover you will have a wonderful time together.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / May 02, 2014

Healthy Family

Every loving parent wants to engage their kids in health promoting lifestyle. However if you want your kids to be healthy, you need to be healthy yourself. Family environment is considered as one of the strongest predictors of childhood obesity. Exercising is not the only way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Here are some of the fun ways you can try to keep your family fit. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Learn Martial Arts Together

Various fitness centers offer martial arts classes for adults and children .These classes can teach martial arts, karate, judo, and provide aerobic, strength, and flexibility training as well.  These classes will not only help the children to learn self-control and discipline but it will also boost their self-esteem, balance, and posture. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Enjoy the Physical Chores

There is nothing wrong to have fun while doing your daily household chores. Just play some music that you like while sweeping, vacuuming or cleaning the dishes. Make it a habit for your family to enjoy every physical activity. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Set Examples

When you will use stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the stores instead of taking taxi or rickshaw then your children will also carry these goods habits into the adulthood. Set good examples for your family. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Master the Hula Hoop and Other Toys

The bond between you and your children will grow stronger and you will be the coolest parent if you can personally learn and master the hula hoop and other toys with your kids. It will make you kid spend more time with these physical games. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Train For School Fitness Tests as a Family

Learn which fitness tests your child is required to pass in physical education class. You can make a plan to train for them as a family. Start by setting goals, such as running a quarter-mile and then a half and then a full mile in a certain amount of time and reward each family member for meeting each goal as this will help you and your kid to keep active and fit. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Spend an Hour Doing Yard Work Together

You can build strength and endurance by raking leaves, pulling out some weeds, and spread out mulch. Moreover, if you get the support of your kid it does not take much of a chore.There are numerous ways to make yard work more fun for your family. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Get Active During Commercial Breaks

Make it a rule that whenever you watch television with family, all the members have to get up and dance around during the commercial breaks. Whoever gets caught sitting instead of dancing must be given a household chore for one week. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Don't Miss the Next Marathon

Check out the local paper for walk or run events in your areas. Many of such events are organized to raise money for charity, which can be source of inspiration for children to get in to training for the event. You don’t know have to worry about finishing the race as the motivation involved is enough on its own for that matter. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Put on your favorite music and dance with your family. Nothing can be better than dance when it comes to getting healthy through a fun-filled activity. Dancing burns as many calories as brisk walking or playing a sport. Try these fun ways to get your family healthier. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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