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Fun Facts About Breasts

Breast cancer is a fatal disease that can develop in any phase of one's life. It is therefore, important for people, especially women to undergo regular screenings. Remember, somebody can't live without you.

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Oct 18, 2012

Let's Talk about Breasts

In honour of “breast cancer” month, let us stop giggling in our little corners at the word ‘breast’ and talk about it. They are just as close and obvious as are your hair strands. Would you be sliding behind your hands when somebody described the anatomy of hair to you? So, why flinch or shy at breasts? Here are some fun facts to get you started.

Like the Rest of the Body, the Breasts get Fat too

When you are younger, the breasts are made of milk glands, fat and collagen, which are responsible for holding them firmly. But as you age, these connective tissues shrink and get replaced by fat. Although you can keep changing the size of your bra to prevent sagging, you can’t really help it.

There are Women with Three Breasts

Perhaps finding a woman with three breasts was limited to the movie “Total Recall” or so we thought. There do exist women with three meat bags on their chest, though it is closer in connection to a medical condition (not so much of fun, eh?) called supernumerary breasts or polymastia. According to the medical condition, a third breast can appear anywhere on the front part of a woman’s body.

Most Women Tweeze their Nipple Hair

Yes, every woman has nipple hair. While it may seem like the end of the world to have to tweeze your nipple hair, reading this must have relieved you. Each woman has over 2-15 dark and straight strands growing out of the nipple area. So, you are not alone.

2m of those Sets are Fake

With the help of breast implantation, of course. Over 2 million and increasing women have breast implants in the U.S. The average age at which a woman gets breast implantation done stands at 34 while over 90 per cent of women opt for it after they have had children.

You can Stroll without a Bra

But, not in your geographical area unless you live in Hawaii, Ohio, Texas, New York and Maine. The freedom to no bra does not in these areas, however, allow public nuisance. What may hurt to know more is the fact that women if seen topless in Dubai are put in jail for a minimum of 6 months. If you must strip at the beach, the best bet would be to read the respective country’s “bra laws”.


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