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4 Things you should stop doing right now if you’ve a UTI

If you ever had a urinary tract infection, you know how uncomfortable it could get at times to deal with. Here are 4 such things that you should stop doing right now if you’ve a UTI.

Women's Health By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Feb 13, 2017

Don’t hold your pee

There is no fun or convenience in rushing to washroom every 5 seconds but if you’ve the urge to go, don’t hold it. You may end up hurting your urinary tract if you hold your pee because by doing so you’re not only just retaining your pee but you’re also hanging on to all the germs that are floating around in your bladder.  Therefore, instead of holding, empty out your bladder to flush out the bacteria from your system. Image source : Shutterstock

Avoid putting anything or everything in your system

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is something everyone should follow, even if you’ve UTI, but that doesn’t mean you should gorge on any liquid beverage. Doctors suggest that avoiding foods and drinks that may rub your bladder the wrong way, including coffee, alcohol, caffeinated sodas, acidic fruits prevents your UTI from getting worse. Image source : Shutterstock

Don’t stop taking prescribed antibiotics

If you’ve been missing on your prescribed antibiotic medicines, you may want to correct your mistake and start taking the medication again. There are several studies that are done to determine exactly how long each antibiotic needs to be in your system to fully treat infection. We tend to stop taking our meds as soon as we start feeling better but that does not mean that antibiotics have done their job.  If the treatment is stopped too soon, you are allowing the bacteria to build defense against the medicines. Image source : Shutterstock

Don’t put off going to the doctor

Treating urinary tract infection on your own isn’t a good idea because it will only give the infection more time to spread. The more you delay the medical help, the more you are putting yourself at risk of serious health complications. Image source : Shutterstock


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