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Foods that will Worsen your Diabetes

An appropriate dietary plan is fundamental to managing diabetes. Foods that put you in a worse health condition are those that are high in sugar levels. Abstaining from foods is the first and foremost step to restrict further damage by diabetes.

Diabetes By Himanshu Sharma / Jan 21, 2013

Candy, Chocolate and Cookies

The fact is that sugar is bad for someone affected by the diabetic condition. High-sugar foods such as candy, chocolates and cookies not just lack on nutritional value, but its low-quality carbohydrates causes a dramatic spike in blood sugar levels. These may contribute to weight gain, only to worsen diabetes complications.

White Bread

White flour acts identical to sugar when body starts to digest them. Refined starches interfere with glucose control, to make diabetes complications worse. White carbohydrates must be replaced with healthier whole grain options such as brown bread. Whole grain starches do escalate blood glucose to some degree; therefore, portion control should be practiced.

Cakes and Pastries

Baked cakes and pastries are laden with sugar, sodium and sweeteners. This combination spikes blood sugar and promotes inflammation, interfering with insulin's function. Cakes elevate your cholesterol and risk of heart diseases too.

Whole Milk

Saturated fats in dairy products shower side-effects on diabetic patients. Saturated fats rack up complications in a diabetic condition by raising cholesterol level and worsening insulin resistance. Abstain yourself from consuming cream cheese, cottage cheese and margarine.

Potato Chips and French Fries

Fried foods such as potato chips and French fries cause weight gain, which worsens diabetes. Laden with unhealthy trans fat, carbohydrates and starch, these foods can spike glucose levels. Moreover, these soak up hydrogenated oil, only to add to the woes of diabetics by increasing the calorie count.


Raisins are better than cakes, candies and cookies, but they do spike blood sugar levels. If you are dehydrated, natural sugar present in raisins become concentrated to rapidly absorbed by the body, to shoot up blood sugar. So, it is better to consider snacking options such as grapefruit, strawberries and peaches if you are a diabetic.


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