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Foods to Combat all your Season-related Troubles

The change in season leads to health related troubles. Therefore, to combat these problems, you must keep yourself ready by consuming the right food at the right time.

Exercise & Fitness By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 04, 2014

Fight Seasonal Troubles

The human body experiences temperature fluctuations throughout the year. The rattling harsh winter winds and the scorching summer sun make the body temperature swing all around the year. It is mainly because of these fluctuations that we face problems due to seasonal change. Here are some of the troubles which arrive with a changed season and the foods which will help you fight them.

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Your may experience water pouring out of your eyes and a constant itchy sensation during the spring season. This happens as some specific plants and weeds grow in this season which causes the trouble. Also, during spring season you happen to spend a lot of time outside your house making yourself more vulnerable to the allergy. In order to keep your eyes healthy, sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals must be eaten. Carrots are a good source of vitamin A and must be eaten in good quantity to keep the eyes healthy.

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Soreness in the throat is also caused by allergies when the season changes. Scratchy throat causes problems in swallowing or gulping food and liquids, it affects the speech, and creates immense pain in the throat. To cure the throat trouble ginger is the best remedy. You can add some ginger to your hot tea or simple just add some ginger to boiling water and add some honey to it.

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As the weather starts to cool down some people, especially migraine patients, start experiencing severe headaches. The temperature and humidity level has a major role to play in causing of the headache. A whole bowl of fat-free cereal with some skimmed milk can help the body to generate energy and reserve it in the body. People with migraine are believed to have a genetic defect which makes it difficult for their cells to maintain energy reserves.

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As the weather changes, the surroundings also change. Although the change in season may fill some people with enthusiasm but, for some, this change may bring along mood swings, anxiety, and depression. To combat depression your body needs a lot of vitamin C and beta-carotene and the best source of which is broccoli.

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Many people catch flu due to fluctuations in temperature. This leads to a running nose followed by constant sneezing and coughing. Flu makes you lose your appetite and you always feel like throwing up. In such a case, eat bananas to meet the nutritional requirements of the body.

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With the arrival of summers, many people may experience red rashes on their body. The best way to cure rashes is to have an oatmeal bath.

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Along with some other behavioural problems the climate change may also trigger sleeplessness. To fight sleep related problems you must increase the quantity of milk you consume in a day.

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Seasonal change may trigger sinus troubles. The decrease in temperature can make sinus patients experience the symptoms. In such a case, tea can prove to be an effective remedy to fight cold and the symptoms of sinus.

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